Six Day Starts Tomorrow, December 7, 2020


Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
The equivalent of Christmas Day for local gun clubs and individual hunters throughout the Pines and elsewhere in New Jersey, is tomorrow morning. Six-day, as it is commonly known, starts tomorrow and runs through Saturday. This will be followed by the firearm permit deer seasons for shotgun and muzzleloader which extend into February, depending on your zone.

The two clubs around the corner from me are packed right now and ready to roll. COVID be Damned ! One of them has erected a large tent, I suppose so that they can attempt to follow the current outdoor dining protocols. My friends in another local club are foregoing the nightly meals and gatherings which is a big part of the Six-day tradition.

Good luck to everyone who hunts deer on here. My wife and I will start with muzzleloader after Six-day.

NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife - Six-day Firearm Season Next Week (


Site Administrator
Sep 17, 2002
They were everywhere today getting ready. I noticed the Indian Mills club on Atsion road also had a tent. It is closed up so I can't see how that will keep them safe.