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Sep 17, 2002
Ben and All,

My daughter and I went to view the Pomeroy Crossroads today, and my car was scraping bottom on the snow. I did not get stuck but the sound was pretty bad so I turned around. A 4x4 or a higher car would have had no problem but my car is low.

I then tried Apple Pie Hill and also was scraping bottom because of the ruts caused by other vehicles. Turned around there also. Not a good morning for the pines.


Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Eatontown, NJ
Last weekend my Jeep had a lot of problems out by Union Clay. I had to keep my speed up (25mph - I normally drive slow in the pines) in order to not get stuck. It was not fun when the road turned - I almost rolled the Jeep once, and almost flew into the woods one other time.

I was happy when I got back to 539.