Snow ??


Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
I hope not. I have to drive an hour or so each way to go pick up this on Saturday morning. It's our new "visiting the State Parks in the winter" rig. Our 30' TT that we keep at the seasonal campsite all year long is just too much to haul in all those great spots which are off the beaten path. This is small enought for us to take/hide pretty much anywhere.


Cool, a teardrop. Don't see many of those around. A friend out west has one, loves it. Just throw some camo netting over it :)


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Sep 17, 2002

The link to the weather photo in your last weather post changed. They must move the photo's around using the same links.



Mar 10, 2005
Pinewald, NJ
No snow up here in Ocean County yet, they say we may get a couple of inches. It is down right cold though, I was just out in the woods for an hour or so and my face was stinging from the cold. I was going to go sit in my stand for the last day of bow season but I think I may just hang out by the wood burning stove.



Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
Started here about 1/2 hr go.

I agree Chris, the temps aren't that bad and the wind wasn't bad either, but the cold goes right thru. 78f in Daytona Beach, watching the Rolex 24 Hr race. :cry:


Apr 2, 2005
Little Egg Harbor
Five inches so far in Little Egg Harbor and still falling. I sure wish i didn't put off getting those new tires for my truck. A 4 x 2 with little tread isn't happy in this stuff!


Sep 7, 2005
I was up in Manahawkin all morn' with my daughter at the Middle School for a band thing and all was well.
We left and headed down rt9 and stopped in to the Dynasty in Tuckerton for lunch and it was just, dusting.
By the time we came out... hoo boy. Fun time coming home by way of rt9 and 542.
Crappy here in Pestletown right now and my wife had to run to get my boys in Lindenwold from inlaws and she called to tell me the roads are awful. I am not so sure that the snow bothers me as much as what the temps this eve' will cause. Seems those that tend the highways of late don't exactly put forth too much effort. Once my wife and Chillun' are home safe I'll be much happier.



Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
We took a joy ride with some friends down to Cape May and Wildwood yesterday at the peak of the storm.
We hit a few marinas and then stopped at my favorite shore bar, Good Night Irene's in Wildwood.
Can't beat over 30 micros on tap.

The place was quiet when we went in and the snow was already 5" deep on the steps outside.
When we got our first, the barkeep said they were expecting about a hundred bicyclists that were doing a charity pub crawl. They were doing a benefit for a young person with cancer.
In a few minutes over 150 screaming, beer swilling people piled in. The sidewalk was littered with bicycles and even more people.
These were not high end spandex bicycle riders but regular people with a collection of rusty beach bikes, old lady tricycles and kids bikes.
They had started at the Bolero and had 4 bars to hit with Irene's being number two.
The bar provided free draft domestics for a half hour to the participants.
When they left we went outside to watch them peddle through 5" of unplowed snow to the next bar in N Wildwood and it was hilarious. Most ended up on their sides within a short distance.

We stayed till almost dark and trudged out into about 7" when we started for the long slippery ride back to Waterford.
A great day to explore the shore, good times with good beers and a beautiful ride home on the back roads of Woodbine and Estell Manor.



Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
Well, believe it or not, living in Florida makes me jealous of the snow youse are getting this winter.

Comeup for a visit, there's plentyin the pipeline. Perhaps a fairly large storm this weekend And again early next week. 2010, the year of the snow train. :rofl:

I'm sure many folks up here are just as jealous of the weather down there. My folks used to live in North FT Myers, close to the Caloosahatchee.


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Well, believe it or not, living in Florida makes me jealous of the snow youse are getting this winter.

Well either you didn't have to commute in it, or you've been away long enough that you've forgotten how much fun it is! :)

Could have been worse today. I had between 2 and 3 inches at my place. But it was the wet, heavy kind instead of the lightweight stuff we had the last time. Bring it on this weekend.... as long as I can get dug out by Monday morning!