SoJourn Summer 2018: Special Expanded Rev War Issue

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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to give a shout out that the new SoJourn from summer is a fantastic, and oversized, special on the Revolutionary War that anyone interested in should pick up. Also: I got mine at Second Time Books of Rancocas Woods in Mount Laurel, and I just wanted to drop a note that this shop, which I've had the pleasure of enjoying several years now, is so perfect as to seem mythical. Specializing in Fantasy, Science Fiction and History. Check em out!

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    Thanks Erik!

    Here's a bit more background information directly from the South Jersey Culture & History Center:

    SoJourn Summer 2018 has arrived—


    We are pleased to announce the availability of the summer 2018 issue of SoJourn, Stockton's twice-yearly journal devoted to the history, culture & geography of South Jersey.

    This thematic, special expanded issue focuses on the impact of the American Revolutionary war in New Jersey's eight southernmost counties. Read articles on the exciting Battle of Turtle Gut Inlet, near present day Wildwood, the Battle of Iron Works Hill, the Battle of Red Bank, essays on the local skirmish and battle at Chestnut Neck, plus articles that try to get at the ways civilians were impacted by the war.

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