Terraserver Nostalgia


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Al and Bob were recently saying how much they still like the old 1995 black and white Terraserver aerials, so I did a little research on where they came from. I found the USGS 1995 Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ's) and they seemed like a good fit, but they're false-color infra-red and not black and white. After some discussion, we realized that these were the terraserver aerials and Microsoft must have converted then to grayscale to reduce the storage size. And the funny thing is, they've been hiding right in front of our eyes as the NJGIN 1995 Infrared Imagery!

Return now to the glory days of 1998 and Terraserver with this new map of the Pines, processed in beautiful black and white! :dance: https://online.boydsmaps.com/#15/39.5977/-74.5508/pines1995bw-x

Caveat: These may not display properly in Internet Explorer due to the type of processing that is used. But they should be compatible with Safari, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.
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Feb 14, 2009
I also like the old black & white aerials, not satellite. The reason, roads and trails tend to show better but old is the key here. While there may be more folks in the woods there is less vehicular traffic keeping the roads and trails clear. I know some may debate this but the fact is many roads and trails are now so grown over they're at the point of being gone.