The glow is gone...


Feb 14, 2009
What killed the plans to build a natural gas plant, environmental "carbon footprint"?
With no plans of any future power generation there, I wonder if the plans include removing the high tension towers?
There's a lot of acreage on both sides of rt 9. I imagine the old farm will become open space? The OC freeholders should look into this as well. What about the rest of the complex after it's gone in what they say 8 years? Will this become an industrial area or housing development? What about the cooling canal, will it be filled in?

The Wick

Mar 6, 2016
Forked River
At one time JCP&L thought about donating or selling the land. The township of Lacey entertained the idea of using Finnagers Farm as a park. The plan was to use existing sand roads as trails for hiking and biking and build a boat ramp. Along with access for fishing on Oyster Creek, Forked River and Barnegat Bay. Supposedly it never came to fruition because of the costs not build it but to maintain it in the future?