The Hamlet of Friendship and the Alloways.. The History Behind the Alloway Memorial Stone

Woodjin, I'm pleased that you enjoyed my article and the photos. The Bakelys were as genuine a piney family as there ever was, and SureSue's remembrances are precious. The hamlet of Friendship was in the heart of rattlesnake country, and I've heard several rattlesnake stories from folks that I interviewed that resided there.


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Apr 26, 2021

Our very own Lost Town Hunter has written an article on the Friendship Bogs area for the Whitesbog Preservation Trust newsletter. Included in the article are a few photos you have never viewed before. Look closely and you will see that I am mentioned a few times :)

And once you are finished the article check out the article below it written by our very own "Turtle."

Enjoy.... newsletter-internet.pdf
Any chance this article is still accessible?