The Inlet. (Kayak)


Mar 17, 2011
hammonton nj
I wonder how durable these are ? There are an awful lot of debris at most of the places i kayak, sure they arent made for that. That being said the concept is a great idea.

Zach McGarvey

Feb 11, 2018
Woodbury / Vineland NJ
Cannot imagine this holding up, at all, especially while dragging it in and out of the water. That's where most of your hull wear happens. I have a "Lifetime" brand cheapo that was a $149 closeout deal at Dick's and I would recommend it to anyone. My wife has a much more expensive one, that I think she picked for the color alone, and she says it actually has a heavier feel and poorer stability than my cheap one.

I'm currently looking for kid-sized one, like 6-8 feet, that's a sit-in style. Most in that size range are the sit-on-top. I saw a bright orange one at walmart before, that I think came with a paddle for under $200, but haven't seen it in a while. Would like to get something like it for my daughter this Christmas. She maneuvers my 10.5' one ok but can't keep up the speed.