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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Today I have launched the new new boydsmaps online website. The big change is that there's no need to register or login. Everyone now has full access to all the maps by simply going to

Thanks to everyone who took the time to register and create a user account in the past, and special thanks to the site's beta testers! But if you previously created an account, it is no longer needed and you don't need to login anymore. All old links and any bookmarks that you may have created will still work, but everyone now has unrestricted use of the map (in the past, you couldn't move the map unless you were logged in). Old map links will be automatically translated to new, shorter links when you click them. Posting boydsmaps links in the forum works the same way as NJPB map links - just copy the address in your browser and paste it into your post. Anyone who clicks that link will have full access to the map.

Click the question mark button for help, or view all help topics here: . The site is actually much easier to use now, since the only thing complicated before was registering and logging in. And look for closer integration of Boyd's Maps here at NJPB with Ben's next software update too! :)
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Toothy Critter

I am impressed with the work and in awe of the patience it must have took to do the work. Thank You
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