The Story of NJ Civil Boundaries 1606-1968


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
Well after checking the topos it appears the location of the granite monuments and apparently the accompanying stones are marked right on the topos.At first i was confused and I thought the old line which favored New jersey further north was monumented but it doesn't appear so.It looks as if NJ caved in and agreed to the southern line which is the present line before it was surveyed and monumented.There appears to have been an error though and new monuments were put in in the 1880's to correct the error.Does this mean there are old monuments out there on a bad line some where to be found?Kind of confused here. many monuments in the NE corner look to be in some serious Burbs but many to the NW look to be tucked into some nice woods.Might be some nice weekend trips ahead!