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  1. Jennifer
  2. Toothy Critter
    Toothy Critter Jon Holcombe
    Is it OK for me to download some of your pics into my computer just as a screensaver slide show and nothing else? If not, please notify me and I apologize if it is frowned on
    1. Jon Holcombe
      Jon Holcombe
      TC, no problem. I appreciate you asking for permission. Download as many as you want, as long as they are not shared in public I view that as a compliment.
      Feb 9, 2018
  3. @Jermide
    Looking for a Batona thru-hike partner - early Spring 2018
  4. Oriental
    Oriental ecampbell
    Hey Ed. I live around the corner from you on Old Indian Mills Road. Saw your post. Not really interested in the Grolsch bottles but the kegs, regulator, and other equipment interests me. Maybe we could get together and you could let me know how much money you need to get. I brewed years ago and am looking to get back into it.
  5. MuckSavage
    MuckSavage RednekF350
    Hi Scott, Again, I'm sorry to learn of Bill's passing. I'm not sure you ever saw this from Meteor Motorcycle Club's history.

    p.s. Many say "Hello" to you. (Jay Sims, Gabe Insua, & Steve Muselli)
  6. Tom Gorski
    Tom Gorski
    First golden eagle i saw in the wild..1/1/18 @ 1:30pm. Took about 50 pictures..AMAZING!!!
    1. @Jermide
      Pics? Big, juvenile Balds are often mistaken for Goldens, since they are rare around here.
      Feb 1, 2018
  7. Joanne Robinson
    Joanne Robinson Teegate
    We have a Fox family with mange along the Cooper River on the Somerdale/Voorhees border. They usually die, one at a time, in our yard, and I place their bodies in the woods. I am wondering if there is any remedy/control/help for this family? I spoke with NJDEP and Camden County and Animal Control. There is no interest.
  8. Dave Benn
    Dave Benn
    Does anyone know of pomroys crossing?
  9. hawk island patrol
    hawk island patrol
    80.00 fine for going on hawk island,not owned by twp
  10. maxwellandson
    maxwellandson oji
    Hey oji how are you ?
    1. oji
      I doing good Chuck. Work is going steady now and I should be able to retire in a couple years.
      Jun 28, 2017
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    2. maxwellandson
      I've got 9 years left. I am working up by Asbury park right now.
      Jul 6, 2017
  11. maxwellandson
    maxwellandson grendel
    Hey grendel how have you been?
  12. Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner CynthiaSos
    Cynthia, please contact me concerning Christopher's Mill as I lived there as well. Paul Wagner
  13. dogg57
    dogg57 Boyd
    Like your profile picture
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  14. brian rosario
  15. Xhunter911
    Ready to Hike the Batona trail
  16. NKS969
    Gonna get a new scooter
  17. Bamber
    Just hiked around Harrisville, Bodine Field, Martha. Where the heck was Bodine Tavern???
  18. Bamber
  19. Bamber
    Revisted Harrisville, Bodine Field, and Martha
  20. Jason Bladzinski
    Jason Bladzinski Ben Ruset
    Ben, I was curious to know what the forums take on a little self promotion would be. I make hand carved natural wood hiking sticks and staffs and sell them out of the Whitesbog General store. What would be an appropriate way to make that known as for a bit of advertising on the forums here? Is this something that I can post on the forums, and if so, where and how? Thanks!
    1. Jason Bladzinski
      Jason Bladzinski
      Forgot to add, I can take custom orders, is that something I can make known here, and leave contact info for?
      Feb 29, 2016