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Hi, Boyd,
Is there an email address to which I could send an image? I may be seeing what I want to see, but the image sent by Teegate of the address of some Pomona properties also displayed the east bank of the Wading river where I may be seeing suggestions of remnant levees of abandoned bogs.

I am sending my e-mail address to you in the private "conversation" you started. I don't want to post it here, because then everyone can see it.
Hi George,
Just ran across your posts from yesteryear... 05 thru 08 re: "The Ramble Inn"...
I was born and raised in Nesco, Katherine was my second cousin and we were
very close in the early 60's as i tended bar at the Ramble while in prep & college.
Email me if you are still seeking more info etc...
Bamber Lake. Please don't think its a quiet place. The wildlife & Piney's are loud. Co-existing w.love&/respect outsiders don't see.