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  1. Camille Muck
    Camille Muck
    Bamber Lake. Please don't think its a quiet place. The wildlife & Piney's are loud. Co-existing outsiders don't see.
  2. Christopher
    Does anyone know if there’s a sign from the batona trail nobo for buttonwood hill campground? Thanks in advanced
  3. BrokeJeepJr
  4. Christopher D Greene
    Christopher D Greene
    Looking for information on John W. Green[e] who lived at Rollestone (a lost town) until his death in December 1897.
  5. Jennifer Nixon
    Jennifer Nixon
    Looking to ID this baby snake. Looks like a Timber Rattler but not sure.
  6. Larshealer
    Sicklerville, between erial rd and sicklerville rd...liking for history of area...thanks
  7. Christopher Rua
    Christopher Rua Oriental
    Oriental - I am doing research for the SHPO on several old cranberry bogs located on Hanover Road, east of Cookstown-Browns Mills Road, in New Hanover Twp. The bogs are currently located on JB MDL property. In 2008, you posted a message about Cranberry Hall/Pheasant Moor/Hutchinson Family. I would like to know more. May be able to arrange access for you to visit
  8. -PRIDE-
    Selling my '89 rust free Suburban'
  9. -PRIDE-
    -PRIDE- Jennifer
    Hey Jennifer, hope you are doing well! How was the trip!? Hey.....nice pup in the background of your that a bully? ☺ dreading to post this out there but I may be selling my Suburban
  10. LARGO
    LARGO turtle
    Hi !
    Been so long I don't even bump into you anymore!
    Hey I'm looking to get both the boys their safety certs for watercraft.
    There are so many out there that claim meet NJ standards .

    The one you had at Batsto was actually given... by the State Police. The real deal.
    Was free too, but not the point. Do know of any scheduling at Batsto anytime soon.

    In case you wish to Text is 609-670-0814.


  11. L. O'Flaherty
    L. O'Flaherty Jennifer
    Hi I'm new to this forum and don't know anyone to add!
  12. -PRIDE-
    -PRIDE- Jennifer
    Hey...I added you to my convo, hope you don't mind. You were simply the first person I saw under members and I'm just learning how to work this site. Hope you are well! ☺️
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    2. Jennifer
      Hey Pride, im extremely new to this forum, so i wouldn't ask me how to navigate We are also new to the jeep cherrokee sport family . We have not took it off roading yet but will be heading to Island state park in sea side.
      Need a permit, and some kits but well worth it.
      Feb 25, 2018
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  13. -PRIDE-
    Looking for Chevy off roaders
  14. -PRIDE-
    Looking for a GOOD welder to work on my '89
  15. -PRIDE-
    Wanted to thank you for adding me to the group! New here to Jersey from Cali...I own a bad ass Burban and ready to get down!
  16. Jennifer
    Hey everyone!
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  17. @Jermide
    Looking for a Batona thru-hike partner - early Spring 2018
  18. Oriental
    Oriental ecampbell
    Hey Ed. I live around the corner from you on Old Indian Mills Road. Saw your post. Not really interested in the Grolsch bottles but the kegs, regulator, and other equipment interests me. Maybe we could get together and you could let me know how much money you need to get. I brewed years ago and am looking to get back into it.
  19. MuckSavage
    MuckSavage RednekF350
    Hi Scott, Again, I'm sorry to learn of Bill's passing. I'm not sure you ever saw this from Meteor Motorcycle Club's history.

    p.s. Many say "Hello" to you. (Jay Sims, Gabe Insua, & Steve Muselli)
  20. Tom Gorski
    Tom Gorski
    First golden eagle i saw in the wild..1/1/18 @ 1:30pm. Took about 50 pictures..AMAZING!!!
    1. @Jermide
      Pics? Big, juvenile Balds are often mistaken for Goldens, since they are rare around here.
      Feb 1, 2018