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  1. Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner CynthiaSos
    Cynthia, please contact me concerning Christopher's Mill as I lived there as well. Paul Wagner
  2. dogg57
    dogg57 Boyd
    Like your profile picture
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  3. brian rosario
  4. Xhunter911
    Ready to Hike the Batona trail
  5. NKS969
    Gonna get a new scooter
  6. Bamber
    Just hiked around Harrisville, Bodine Field, Martha. Where the heck was Bodine Tavern???
  7. Bamber
  8. Bamber
    Revisted Harrisville, Bodine Field, and Martha
  9. Jason Bladzinski
    Jason Bladzinski Ben Ruset
    Ben, I was curious to know what the forums take on a little self promotion would be. I make hand carved natural wood hiking sticks and staffs and sell them out of the Whitesbog General store. What would be an appropriate way to make that known as for a bit of advertising on the forums here? Is this something that I can post on the forums, and if so, where and how? Thanks!
    1. Jason Bladzinski
      Jason Bladzinski
      Forgot to add, I can take custom orders, is that something I can make known here, and leave contact info for?
      Feb 29, 2016
  10. biazzoology
    Knowledge is welcomed! If you're going my way, I'll go with you.
  11. imkms
    imkms johnnyb
    My father also worked at RCA until 1976 when he passed away. He also worked on the Radar systems, etc. He was Patrick T. S.
  12. reelboys
    Bass river closing of roads to mv not on my watch
  13. cynthia
    cynthia Broke Jeep Joe
    Is the park now closed to all off roading??
  14. cnycharles
    my avatar is the first native orchid I saw in nj
  15. coppersisters
    Me and my hiking buddy.
  16. Broke Jeep Joe
    Broke Jeep Joe
    Closure is Failure
  17. Dog Daze Hiker
    Dog Daze Hiker Jason Bladzinski
    I you forget your hammock in WSF, let me know and I'll retrieve it for a day or two. Is it big enough for someone around 6'?
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    2. Jason Bladzinski
      Jason Bladzinski
      Lol! You are joking, right? Well, chances are that I won't leave my good hammock made by hammock bliss with the integrated bug net behind, but if I leave the handmade One behind, i'll tell you where to find it, and you can keep it if you do. I will definitely fit a person over 6 feet.
      Aug 17, 2015
  18. Dog Daze Hiker
    Dog Daze Hiker bobpbx
    It's quite liberating and cooling too. That's why I take off my shirt on those very hot summer days. Too much heat make for too much sweat. Try leaning back on your car seat with a soaked T-Shirt.
  19. Dog Daze Hiker
    Dog Daze Hiker Jason Bladzinski
    Looks comfortable. Do you use a hammock in WSF? Is it covered with bug netting?
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    2. Jason Bladzinski
      Jason Bladzinski
      That was a handmade Hammock i used some time ago, but yes I do use my hammock in WSF and anywhere else I camp. The hammock i currently use has an integrated bug net. It's made by hammock bliss.
      Aug 12, 2015
  20. Greg OBrien
    Greg OBrien
    Fighting the good fight.