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    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    If the thief is caught, he should be forced to drag the route 539 stone 1 mile into the woods by himself, without power, and then drag it back and set it upright again.
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    Road Closure

    I do agree with the work being done, but not entire road closures. Close off SPOTS, not historical ROADS!
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    In the blazing hot plains

    The first grocery-doo.
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    In the blazing hot plains

    Pretty rudimentary that thing. Uncomfortable looking, and that is maybe a naugahyde seat.
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    Excessive Heat

    I agree Guy. It was definitely hotter today. I was eating lunch at a place in Medford, and when I got back in my car at 1:00, the car thermometer read 111 degrees until I got on the road.
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    Development On Savoy Blvd.????

    I saw that last week. I assumed someone bought several lots and wants to live in the back one.
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    Where is this?

    Where is this area? It's in the pinelands preservation district.
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    Nice! Very interesting. That is a great idea now, the way they can take the brain (computer) out if they want to change out the hardware.
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    Welcome to the new Boyd's Maps Forum!

    By the way, did you move Chatsworth out 2 clicks? Also, we talked about arranging the map selections to be user manipulative. It would be so cool if the maps I use most often could be shown as tiles across the top, bottom, or sides like windows task buttons. Once click and I'm there! Alright...
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    Welcome to the new Boyd's Maps Forum!

    I'd rather you left it in there. It makes switching from one map to another to see what happened at the spot you are interested in invaluable. And, I don't even notice it unless I want to use it. Besides all that, how am I going to quickly see the coordinates of the spot I'm interested in...
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    Critter, I spent the afternoon at Colliers Mills. There is definitely prime pine barren land there. I want you to hear me say that, because I don't want you to get the impression that I think all of it is like that first photo you posted.
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    In the blazing hot plains

    Right here Al. No secret. By the way, Ocean County Health Department called me. They are going out there to scope out the Ski-Doo removal (remember that word Ski-Doo?). Let me know if you can't see on map, but I know'll find it. Better yet: 39.711437 74.325138
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    The old Bamber hammer trick by mother nature. Make a train and hammer Bamber.
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    In the blazing hot plains

    There is a certain satisfaction I get when visiting the pine plains on a day like yesterday. The roads are free of people, the whine of off road vehicles is absent, and I'll usually not see another soul. I was in the East plains. Wanted to check on a plant at Chevy Pond. There is a new warning...
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    What a great program Green Acres has been for the Garden State. On page #2 it says: "Meaningful public access must be provided to every project funded under this program. I'll be testing that. It bothers me that National Biodiversity cannot be reached by mail or telephone (wait a sec, maybe...