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    Centralia, PA

    It's a dump. It has no redeemable qualities. A sad thing to watch the landscape be treated like that.
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    Pine snakes

    Looks like a good spot for a Dollar General store.
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    Today's Exploring

    Blurry one looks like a stink bug.
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    Lovely day kayaking on the Mullica up to Lock's Bridge

    Breaking your ankle on the day that heralds the beginning of summer had to be awful, with great weeping and gnashing of teeth. How did it happen? I severely sprained my ankle two months before a three week trip to Alaska. Was in a soft cast for six weeks. I made it there anyway and was fine.
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    Pine Barrens Jamboree October 9, 2021

    I have a feeling the Batsto fair will be too jam-packed to be enjoyable. It's such a good one they should make it a 3-day weekend.
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    Weird finds in weird New Jersey!

    Usually it's crushed limestone in one tank and salt in the other.
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    Driving thru the Pine Barrens in May 1975 in my '75 Subaru

    Pan, if you don't mind me asking, what did you do for work in Manhatten?
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    Popcorn Park Box Turtle

    Very interesting.
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    More Changes at Forked River Mountain

    Al, if I feel I can get away with it, I start running at them. Usually works, but there are a few dogs that make me hesitant, like big rottweilers, pitbulls, and german shepards (to name a few). I had a rottweiler challenge me in my own driveway, and he stood his ground. If he was not the...
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    Where is this?

    Where is this?
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    Preserved land question.

    See who owns it. If he is a common Barney Fife, I'd question it. Zoom into the lot and then click on it. If it does not show an owner, take the block and lot number and ask the township.
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    I think that one was shown on Facebook. What manner of callous people drive that far in to dump their load. No respect for anything but themselves.
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    Very smooth Boyd!
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    Such a pretty day.

    I don't think I'd like living in Chatsworth. I like the best of both worlds; peace and quiet and services within a couple of miles if possible.
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    Along The Albertson Branch

    I like Jess's name: chigger-ticks.