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    Denali is Now!

    It has always been Denali. the Russians called it Bolshaya Gora, which is Russian for Denali...
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    Baby Snake

    might that be a northern ringneck? very small one
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    this is a juvenile red tail hawk
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    North, South or Central?

    I think I would draw the line from bordentown to the mouth of the navesink river for the northern border of the south. the centers north is the raritan river to 287 to 78.
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    they confirmed Barr

    we'll be needing the monkey wrench gang soon enough....
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    River reports?

    this site has real time river flow data for every stream in the state with a gauge. I see now the also have a mobile phone app.
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    Questionable behavoir by a birder

    In 78 I was an undergrad at Stockton, and the herpetology prof had a permit for pine snakes back then. I do believe we peed freely in the pines however, without a permit :)
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    Questionable behavoir by a birder

    The questionable behavior is in fact illegal. You need a permit to handle or possess most non game species. the are exemptions, garter snakes, fence lizards and box turtles are some of the exemptions. none of the larger snakes are exempt. leave them alone. take the pictures where you find them.
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    New legislation

    Oh dear, the children are running on the grass, and playing with a ball! It will threaten the pinelands. that grass must be saved from children so it can be rolled up and sold to someone else to run on and play with balls...
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    Updated Forum Software

    I don't like the red...
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    Mullica Put-in Options

    Back to the MULLICA river. Instead of going up constable bridge rd, go up bastso river rd and the bear left on middle rd. there will be a perpendicular left turn (by the big pitch pine tree) that will take you over to the mullica with a sandy put in just above some beaver dams. ( a lot of guys...
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    Anyone paddle the Upper Batsto River recently?

    hawkins is the wading, actually it is tupenhocken creek just before it enters the wading
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    odd ducks

    there were 4 black bellied whistling ducks at Patriot lake behind the Galloway township library yesterday afternoon. I did not look to see if they were still there this morning.
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    Where is this?

    Is that stephen lake
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    Morel Mushroom Hunting

    Remember there is something called a false morel that is extremely careful