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    A Fine Time For Fine Wine

    Ha! I made this when I was a teenager in my bedroom. I remember using frozen grape juice concentrate and regular baking yeast with the sugar. I used a giant glass apple cider jug with a balloon on top. When the balloon stopped expanding it was done.
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    Along The Albertson Branch

    If I do get chiggers after October 15th I will just blame it on climate change.
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    Along The Albertson Branch

    I have never gotten chiggers after October 15th. Your results may vary.
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    Bald Eagle And Other Things

    That's odd. No snake encounters today.
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    WWII Watch Tower on Old Egg Harbor Road in Mays Landing, NJ

    FWIW, The Forest Fire Service had an airfield SE of that location. You can see on the aerial. Maybe there is a connection. Not aware of any fire tower ever being at that location though.
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    Power wagon restoration.

    What happened to the Louden fire company power wagon? It was a 6x6 If remember correctly.
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    Real Estate

    I have noticed many price drops Zillow.
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    Where is this?
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    Out And About

    It's amazing how you find all these snakes.
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    railroads in the pines

    I can't stop watching this video. Thanks, wks!
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    Wharton State Forest

    I really think a foldable bicycle would compliment your method of travel.
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    Before cell phones you had to hike miles to find someone to help you. You didn't take too many chances.
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    Sunday Exploring

    I have come across two racers in the last two weeks.
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    Engine Mount

    Easy fix since the invention of "YouTube."
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    Engine Mount

    They are filled with oil and eventually leak.