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    'Finding Bigfoot' is coming to the Pines

    From the Tabernacle Township September 23 committee meeting minutes: ...a request from the animal program television show “finding big-foot,” in which they are interested in using Town Hall meeting room to conduct interview applicants that have probably seen "BIG-FOOT." There is a consensus...
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Now there's not only a smashed TV at the bottom, but some idiot threw a bowling ball off the top. What a moron.
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    anybody Kayaked the Mullica lately??

    There's no more brush/sweepers/strainers or log jams than usual. Also the sand roads between Atsion and Batsto are passable, contrary to what the folks at the office will tell you. I drove them in the dark on Friday night, in my wife's minivan no less, in search of some missing canoeists.
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    More mountain lion sightings

    The idea of my posting the Delaware incident was not to say that "wild" mountain lions are coming from there, but rather, if mountain lions can be transient in the state of Delaware, they can certainly be passing through the Pines as well... never mind, forget I even started this thread.
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    More mountain lion sightings

    And another:
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    More mountain lion sightings

    Here's an archived link to a 2006 incident that was confirmed by F&W. Enjoy:
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    More mountain lion sightings

    Let me clarify that I am not researching anything related to this. Also, allow me to rephrase or define the term "family groups" as: a mother and her young offspring. Something you pointed out in your post The figures that you quote for hunting teritory are statistical and therefore a range...
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    More mountain lion sightings

    I posted this thread because I have no doubt that what people are seeing are mountain lions. THE real question is: 1. Is there a population living in the Pines? 2. Are they escapees from someone's personal zoo? 3. Are they transient and just moving through? Although some would suggest...
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    More mountain lion sightings

    Where was this photo taken?
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    Pine Barrens Beer

    I think he IS the PPA!
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    Bigfoot sighting (it's true_)

    Apparently he does like the occasional cold one:
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    More mountain lion sightings

    Yeah, like I said these seem to pop up every few years. The last time I recall was about three or so years ago and there were enough witnesses, tracks and scat that an elementary school was shut down.
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    More mountain lion sightings

    These encounters seem to pop up every few years don't they:
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    Bald eagles in south Jersey?

    This thread is a bit old, but for a sure bet on viewing Bald Eagles, try Harrisville Pond, where the Oswego River Meets the Wading on Rt. 679. You may need to canoe up the pond a bit, but that eagle is always there and rather vocal I might add.
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    Piney salsa

    If you visit Nixon's General store in Tabernacle, you'll find they sell "Tabernacle Hot Sauce" and "Tabernacle Salsa". It also comes labeled as Chatsworth and Vincentown and... well, you get it. Somehow I doubt it's made in town.