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    Cedar Creek at 539

    Another off topic: Barnegat lighthouse scaffolding is gone and the lighthouse will be relit this evening at 6:45 PM.
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    Fossil and artifact hunting questions

    Big Brook is the place to go. I have hundreds of sharks teeth's from that area. I have also found shark's teeth along the coast from Shark River South to Cape May. Crosswicks Creek in New Egypt has also given up Shark's teeth.
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    Mordeci swamp has given some up.
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    Once Again Loud Booms are Reported

    This is the noise schedule from Joint Base MDL.
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    Tabernacle Inn

    ED, I was told that the D was for Villa D Roma, the corporation name, only hear say. I also remember the place being smokie.
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    Tabernacle Inn

    Ed, if I remember, the Villa D was very smokie. Maybe the new place should be called Steak 206.
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    EHC is trying to redevelop part of the city lake park into a warehouse

    The folks in town must show up at the township meetings and be vocal. Politicians don't like folks going against them. Get a petition going with signatures and addresses and make sure the politicians know your displeasure.
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    Passing Of A Piney Legend

    Sad news, RIP
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    Real Estate

    I think that we are already seeing that happening. Just look at the 67 complex in Barnegat, on the West side of the GSP and the development across the street from 67. I think that this development has the highest commercial bldg. in the Pines.
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    Cedar Bridge Tavern Timeline?

    This is the guy to go to. He gave me great presentation on Cedar Bridge and a personal tour
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    My new ride

    Wow, nice Jeep. Good choice of vehicle. Wish you much happiness with it.
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    Missing person

    A note from Jonathans' daughter from Facebook...
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    NJ to buy 1400 acres near Millville, Holly Farns.
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    Marilyn Schmidt

    Sad news, Marilyn Schmidt passed away last night. Author, publisher, lover of the Pinelands and owner of Buzby's general store and many more hats that she wore. She will be missed.