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    Another forest fire in Atlantic County
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    Fire at Goshen Pond

    This fire (Raritan Ave Fire) was 100% contained on 07/06/12 at 220 acres.
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    2 men arrested for Winslow Twp. forest fires

    I don't believe these are the 2 fires in Winslow that burned along the AC Expressway which totaled about 400 acres a few weeks ago. Unless I'm reading into this wrong. Plus Pine Hill isn't that close to Winslow.
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    campfire warning

    Unfortunately, the state only updates that web site about once a week. You're better off calling the Div B office in New Lisbon 609-726-9010
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Not sure if any one has been by Apple Pie Hill fire tower lately but its now manned on a regular basis. The past 2 weeks to be exact (as long as the weather stays dry). And no damage reported so far. So I guess the gate has helped.
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Apple Pie fire tower is manned as of today. (08/02/11) And will be manned when its dry enough and the other towers are up. To check the status of any of the towers, you can go to our home page at:
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    All 21 fire towers in NJ are manned when the dryness reaches a certain level. (except Apple Pie over the last few years) Here in NJ, the towers spot about 50% of reported fires before they are ever called in by the public. (going by statistics) The last two recent fires, Mannis Duck Pond and the...
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Here is the latest on the Apple Pie Hill fire tower. (From the Div B NJFFS office) A locked gate is going up or is probably up by now. Supposedly, the state Park Police will patrol the area at least twice per day along with the local section firewardens. NJFFS wants this tower back in service...
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    Wharton Forest Fire 06/10/11

    Those coordinates above aren't exactly correct. They're close, but these are near the point of origin. 39 44.323N 74 40.247W The fire area was just southwest of the Mannis Duck Pond, near Mannis Pond Rd. shows this pond. Other maps don't.
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    Wharton Forest Fire 06/10/11

    Sure.....its near Lower Forge N 39º 43.266’ x W 074º 40.232’
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    Wharton Forest Fire 06/10/11

    Declared under control this morning at 152 acres.
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    Wharton Forest Fire 06/10/11

    Firefighters battle forest fire in Wharton State Forest
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    Pines Fire Video (Warning: rough language)

    You guessed exactly right. That particular crew was setting back-fires...until the wind shifted because of a front coming in. There is no "hose" that would be effective on a running crown fire like that. Those guys did exactly what they were trained to do. Get the heck out of the way to a safety...
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    I still am shaking my head at what i saw today!

    A few months back, there were media reports (Asbury Park press) of "large cats" or mountain lions spotted in areas of Marlboro and Manalapan. But every time a police car came to look, they were never found. Pete
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    Still smoldering campfire leads to arson charge

    The NJ Forest Fire Service investigates every fire. If the responsible person is found, they are charged for all costs incurred in fighting the fire. The Forest Fire Service may assess and collect amounts equal to the cost of extinguishment or a lesser amount as determined by mitigating...