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    Jersey Devil: Not Just Folklore?

    This is almost the exact same story I was told by my Leeds ancestors. Of coarse, some of them lived in Leeds Point also. The house near the bend is correct and it was still inhabited by a Leeds descendant last I knew.
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    Abandoned racetracks.

    Wow, That's a shame about Wall Stadium. I raced there back in the eighties and thought it was a great track. (My car handled better there than New Egypt) When I was a kid I used to help a neighbor out with his stock car which he ran mostly at P'ville. We would sneak into the pits or sit on...
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    Anyone else seen this website?

    How about this site?
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    Jersey Devil: Not Just Folklore?

    Of coarse there is a Jersey Devil. My dad is a Leeds and I was told it was the thirteenth child of Great-great Grandmom Leeds from Leeds Point out near Oyster Creek.:jd: Frank