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    How New Jersey Plans to Relocate Flooded ‘Ghost Forests’ Inland

    I suspect the forester Bob is referring to was not likely speaking in such absolutes. If it was George Zimmerman, I'm sure that wasn't the case. As we all know, deer are a natural part of our local environment, but so were the large predators that once controlled their population. Add to lack of...
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    Is Harris Station and Pine Crest the same place?

    Perhaps the confusion over the two sites stems from there being a freight station built first named Harris (the site of which Guy documented in the older thread) later supplemented by a Harris passenger station slightly to the north, which was renamed Pine Crest after Harrisville was destroyed?
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    Operation Golden Nugget

    That f-150 is a beauty and brings back memories of my red 79 f-100. Other than the round headlights and all that unnecessary stuff under the body ;) , it's a ringer! Had a straight 300 under the hood and a three-on-the-tree shifter. Was not heavy duty but took me almost anywhere I wanted to go...
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    Accessibility Issues With Pinelands Trails

    Enos Pond County Park, in Lacey twp., has a half-mile compacted stone dust trail designed for wheelchair accessibility. The trail also features an interpretive brochure and map. It's more maritime forest than barrens, but is within the National Reserve.
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    A Sad Sight

    Paddled the Oswego today. Site had been cleaned.
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    A really big tree

    Oh yeah, class of 82, carrying over to 83, if that helps. :)
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    A really big tree

    I could go either way. Silver maple bark can look like that (like that, meaning looking like white oak!;)) and the multi stem trunk so close to the ground is a very common silver maple trait (and one of their biggest faults as a shade tree). Like Bob, I'm cautious about making the call without a...
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    A really big tree

    And a third Money Island on the Toms River, immediately west of Island Heights.
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    Trail Tracker App Aims To Increase Safety In Ocean County Parks

    I use a compass to align paper maps with the north as well, but only so the map is oriented with the topography around me. I find that easier to read rather than a pain, allowing me to confirm I'm going "that way".
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    Trail Tracker App Aims To Increase Safety In Ocean County Parks

    Big Buck was the camp ranger. I believe it was Grace, perhaps just to frighten us, who described him as a fearsome figure, used to ruling the scouts with an iron fist and not likely to take kindly to visiting college students breaking the rules ( as if we would have even considered it :smug:)...
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    Trail Tracker App Aims To Increase Safety In Ocean County Parks

    Was Big Buck still running the camp? And why go through all that trouble bushwhackin' for beer when you had Brady's Pub nearby? You got spaghetti with it too! And by the way, my old Silva Ranger is still going strong. My GPS is my backup!
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    Then & Now Photos

    Reversing the orientation of maps is common in some cases and even recommended by organizations such as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. An example would be on wayside map kiosks where north is behind you while viewing the map. If the map is oriented with north at the top, the trail you want...
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    Tindall Island hike

    The more I look at the maps and aerials the more I'm thinking the area surrounded by the higher dike is on the small side for a farm and perhaps might be the spoils site it was originally thought as. I wouldn't rule it out 100% though. But there seems to be a older dike surrounding the larger...
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    Tindall Island hike

    I could be wrong, but I suspect the site in question at Tindall Island may be an old diked farm. There were many of them in that region back in the day, and a road leading to it can be seen on older maps. Dredge spoils are usually deposited at sites more adjacent to the bay or waterways.
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    Bamber to Island Beach

    Did it once back in the 80s. Glad I did, as to cross it off bucket list, but never, EVER again. Downstream of Bamber, was doing more dragging over logs than paddling, in some cases not sure where the river was under me. Unless someone has cleared it in recent years, Dover Forge access, marked by...