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    Trout Season Early Opener 4-1-20 !

    Hey, I do housework. I just do it to my own standards, which leaves me the other 9/10ths of the of the day to pursue higher priorities.
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    Trout Season Early Opener 4-1-20 !

    I've been killing time at my vise recently, even though I most likely already have enough flies to last until I either die or start causing a silver alert while driving to my streams.
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    Parks, Forests, WMAs open only for passive recreation

    I just checked the Division's website to see if the WMAs have been closed beyond the shooting ranges and they are stated to still be open. I've been letting the dogs stretch their legs in a few of them since being home more days. Nice thing about them is the absence of blazed trails and the less...
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    Isolation 2020

    Your last sentence is the most important message in all of this. The folks complaining about their lost freedoms and some imaginary grab for power seem oblivious to the fact that these measures are not just about protecting them. They are to protect others they may come in contact with. My wife...
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    Fire Break

    Bob, breaks like this aren't expected to stop a wildfire. They serve more as safe starting points for backfires if a fire approaching that development is imminent. In the warm, windy conditions that typically coincide with wildfires, the last thing wanted would be to start a backfire right up...
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    Isolation 2020

    Don't be taken by that snake oil salesman! I get the real stuff from my good Doctor Smith down in Egg Harbor. He's even got a wading pool to cool yer heels in. ;)
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    Parks, Forests, WMAs open only for passive recreation

    Wells Mills was crowded today, as it was the last few. Parking lot 3/4 full, and people walking the fields, trails, using picnic areas. Lots of HS and college aged kids too, which was nice to see. Sad it took this to bring them all out.
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    Ticks? Anyone seen them recently? Cumberland Cty

    I found several on me a few weeks ago, with one embedded. I most likely picked them up in a grassy upland area very close to the salt marsh at a site in Atlantic County. I wasn't wearing treated clothing. I've gotten them big time in that habitat before and should have expected it, given the...
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    History of NJ Cranberry industry?

    Good. Ole Gervis Pharo would be rolling in his garvey, errrrr.... grave! ;)
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    Old Tuckerton Dump

    The Blue Trail, starting at Freedom Fields County Park, will take you right through the old dump. It will be obvious when you are there. It is the group of parallel curved lines on the last map Boyd posted.
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    Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show

    Yeah, the show’s definitely gone PC. So PC, in fact, that the NRA was invited as an exhibitor this year, after a long absence. They surely must be trying to take the “gun” out of the show. Or perhaps it’s something else. Gunning is a common term for hunting in South Jersey, but little-used...
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    Last Doolittle Raider

    I was just reading a Time magazine that's been sitting in the junk mail pile for a few days and came across a short article noting the passing on April 9 of Richard E. Cole, age 103, co-pilot of Jimmy Doolittle and last surviving member of the raid. What is tragic isn't the unsurprising passing...
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    Not Your Pickerel Pines

    Here's the latest DEP advisories on eating wild-caught fish. I attempted to link to the specific page on Pinelands waters (page 11) but it didn't work, so you have to navigate it a bit. I do a bit of flyfishing up north for trout, enjoying...
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    The new, improved

    What Bob said is sadly true. And this is a known and very heavily used party spot, a mere walking distance from large residential areas of Berkeley and Lacey Twps. Projects like these always involve some degree of compromise and the rail trail project as a whole was intended to be less about its...
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    1st of the season

    Uh Oh, better get Maaco!!!!!!!!!