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    Such a pretty day.

    I am sorry you had to experience this Sue. It is hard to come up with an explanation as an adult let alone to try to explain it to a child. If seeing footage and getting answers is what you need to process and move on then that is what you need to do. Everyone processes differently and there...
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    Changes at Chairville?

    It varies by state but I am pretty sure that in NJ you have to be a family member of someone buried there to have unarguable access. The property owner can deny anyone else.
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    The new boydsmaps app is ready!

    I just put this on my phone! It is like Christmas all over again!!!!! have outdone yourself! Thank you soooooo much!
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    NJ Parks survey....make your voices heard!
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    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    You got it Al. I'll hold 'em if you want!
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    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    I am pretty pissed myself. I have never hoped more that I was wrong. As soon as Guy confirmed my suspicions I emailed Cynthia at Bass River to ask if they, by some chance. moved it themselves. That is the best case scenario. If, when she gets back to me, she says that she did not know it...
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    Wolfspider found the W.P. 1700 stone!

    Just wanted to get/give a quick update. At least once a year I head to this area and hike to the stone, just to see how the area is changing over the years. I never use a GPS because it is embedded into my memory. Today I took the hike. The woods have changed a lot since my last hike maybe a...
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    Boy's Orphanage/Naegeli Rd.

    There are no buildings left there and the land is privately owned by a prominent Egg Harbor City family. It is regularly patrolled by the police and trespassers have been prosecuted more than once.
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    Ken Washington

    My heart hurts real bad.....He will be sorely missed. I met him because of geocaching and this site but our friendship grew past that. I went on his FB page this morning to give him a heads up about some Morgans I came across and found out he passed. I will miss him.
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    anyone with info on old house near batsto ?

    Haven't ben on here in a while and just read this thread.... Nick, I got my copy of Heart of the Pines at Batsto. Along with a ot of other great books. It wasn't cheap, but a great investment!
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    Batsto Pleasant Mills cemetery cleanup

    Very nice turnout! Thanks to all that came! Knocked it out in just over an hour! Great job! (And all plants were safe when I left....)
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    Batsto Pleasant Mills cemetery cleanup

    I took a screen shot of the post with the info. You can delete the post with that info. Thanks Oji and Ben.
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    Batsto Pleasant Mills cemetery cleanup

    I believe the address 4200 Nesco Rd Hammonton NJ will work. It's not Hammonton, but your map will think so. GPS coordinates. N 39° 38.419 W 074° 39.707 They are not exactly the church but will bring you to the parking lot.
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    Batsto Pleasant Mills cemetery cleanup

    Find either me or Frank and we will get you started..... see you then...definitely need weed whackers and maybe bags...... Thanks everyone!!!!!!
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    Batsto Pleasant Mills cemetery cleanup

    Just a reminder about tomorrow. Hope to see you there!