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    Mullica float

    I was wondering if anyone has floated the Mullica from Jackson road recently? Is it real tight? Are there a lot of dead falls and blow downs? I was thinking of an overnight trip as soon as it warms up a little, Jackson road to the takeout down by Batsto. I have never paddled the stretch from...
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    This is very cool

    40 oz. kinda heavy for backpacking but still a great piece of gear to have for short trips or paddling.
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    Father And Two Sons Die From Hypothermia While Hiking

    "Remove a bullet from the casing?" I hope you have two pairs of pliers with you. Shotgun shell would be great though.
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    Father And Two Sons Die From Hypothermia While Hiking

    I have a couple of friends who are AT thru hikers. If they were to get separated from their gear they would be helpless. When we hike together I am amazed at how little they know about nature. I also have learned that reading all the survival manuals in the world is not the same as actually...
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    Sasquatch in the Pines

    Best video evidence yet! Bigfoot caught on tape!
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    Zombie Apocalypse

    "supplies to get you to the zombie free refuge camp"???? we all know what happens at the refugee camp. Seriously though, you ever notice how none of the government emergency site prep lists ever include firearms?
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    Eta Aquarid meteor shower

    should be a nice show this weekend with no moon in the sky.
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    Mystery Rock Pile

    that took a hell of alot of work
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    Tearing Down The Walls at HF

    somone should go to harbor frieght and buy a fake camera, they have them for like $10, and put the thing on a pole at the site with a sign that says something like "state monitored historic site".Put an old CB antenna on it and maybe a small pvc junction box. The average idiot would think the...
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    Earth reeling to and fro

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    Bear population spreads across NJ

    I think the bear population in South Jersey has become very intelligent and wary. You can drive through Shenandoah National Park and see 3-4 bears on a good day and get the idea that Black Bears are easy to find or that they are unafraid of encounters with people. Depends on the area, pressure...
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    Bear population spreads across NJ

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    Bear population spreads across NJ

    bear track [/url][/IMG] I know it is kind of hard to see, but I took this photo on the Batsto just north of Lower forge. I also found some tracks at mannis duck pond.