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    I am looking for lakes that are not closed from corona so I can fish... anything in the pine barrens within 30 minutes of marlton?

    You might know what the coronavirus is... we are in a massive quarantine and a country wide shutdown. this pandemic has really changed our way of life. I am very eager to fish and I know that there are multiple remote lakes in the area, but they all look super close to a big town, and the only...
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    Most of new jersey was once an ocean, and we have a lot of proof

    Most of new jersey used to be an ocean... in the prehistoric times, most of the state was under water, and there are many, many fossils. First, my home town of Marlton is named after a greenish clay-like substance called marl, hence the name marlton, and in pits of marl, called marl pits, you...
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    but they cancelled it
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    I was supposed to go fishing for stripers today but the water was muddy and the blue angels and thunderbirds were starting in fort dix, going to trenton, going down the delaware river, doing a 360 around philly and heading to delaware before returning again