I am looking for lakes that are not closed from corona so I can fish... anything in the pine barrens within 30 minutes of marlton?

i hate corona virus

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Apr 22, 2020
Marlton, NJ
You might know what the coronavirus is... we are in a massive quarantine and a country wide shutdown. this pandemic has really changed our way of life. I am very eager to fish and I know that there are multiple remote lakes in the area, but they all look super close to a big town, and the only places i have really fished were right next to houses and roads. I want a quiet, natural, serene lake to fish in, but I cant find any on google maps since the water blends in with the trees. Plus, all the parks are closed. I know we all want to go fishing... fluke season opens in a month, but we cant go to parks or beaches, so we would need a nice lake in the forest. I will be checking this at least once every week if I remember, and if you have a lake, Please put in coordinates so I can accurately pinpoint the lake...


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Sep 17, 2002
It was dry the last time I was there. Someone must have pulled the plug.


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Some of you may remember the beautiful photos of Lake Broyhill on this site, but it no longer exists. The Wayback Machine has the page, but you will have to use your imagination regarding the photos. It does have some good advice however.

"Jeff Martin showing that it is possible to swim in the deep end of Lake Broyhill. CAUTION: Do not attempt to swim in Lake Broyhill during the summer months without first applying insect repellent."
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Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
Please put in coordinates so I can accurately pinpoint the lake...

Using Boyd's Maps on this site, this lake is within thirty minutes of Marlton and in the Winslow WMA. Legal and stocked with trout. You will need a trout stamp unless you can tell a good story to the CO. It's known as Oak Pond and is an old AC Expressway borrow pit. They apparently never put back what they borrowed.

If you like a more natural setting, I would drive a little further to Makepeace Lake in the Makepeace WMA.

Zach McGarvey

Feb 11, 2018
Woodbury / Vineland NJ
My suggestions would be Shaws Mill Pond, Bostwick Lake, Menantico Ponds, Union Lake, or the Maurice River near the Almond Road crossing. None of these are state park/forest and none are affected by the closure. All of these are down Rt. 55 and within an hour of the Philly bridges.