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    Climate change in Pine Barrens

    Your responses get more sarcastic each time. Do you even know how the 97% figure of scientists accepting climate changes came about? Perhaps you should do some research and find out for yourself, it’s almost laughable. And you think all adults should just lap up one opinion, but if they believe...
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    Climate change in Pine Barrens

    I don’t normally respond to responses like this, but your apparent attitude causes me to do so. Your comparison to a cardiac surgeon is very poor and by no means an accurate comparison (by the way I worked for the largest Cardiology practice in SJ for over 10 years). A Cardiac Surgeon has 10s of...
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    Climate change in Pine Barrens

    Interesting article, but please note the wordings. The article is named POTENTIAL impacts and then on one of the beginning slides it states what follows is based on ASSUMPTIONS. So, while science may be used to interpolate what could happen, there is nothing in this article to indicate that it...
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    Oops. I put wiper fluid in coolant.

    You may need to explain why bubbles come out the exhaust pipe!
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    That was 2 or 3 years ago. That intersection is a block from where I worked at the time and the same bear was also spotted in my neighborhood in Mount Laurel swimming in one of the ponds.
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    Water spots that are not water spots

    FWIW, Try a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water, and if it doesn’t work, up the % of vinegar or use straight white distilled vinegar. Good luck
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    94 Bears killed on opening day in NJ

    Seems like a high number to me, I wonder what percentage this is to the total # of bears in NJ.
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    Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show

    I remember as a kid whenever my father or his friends or relatives went hunting they always called it gunning. Must have been the term in use by that generation and before, haven’t heard it used lately.
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    Alternative to pepper spray

    Returning from Yellowstone and within 10 miles of my cabin 2 hunters were attacked by a grizzly in Montana and the bear spray chased it of. Has a range of 60 feet and if it works on grizzlies, people should be real easy. Don’t know about the legality, but if in the pines you could always claim...
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    Two headed rattle snake in Pines
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    Housing at N.J. blueberry farms was approved despite fire safety and sewage violations

    Some of the issues were due to poor septic systems. These are valid complaints and should be addressed to prevent further contamination of the ground waters.
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    Warm, warmer, hot.

    Not to start a political discussion, but a large number of agencies and scientists disagree with the hysteria being spread by the global warming (now relabeled as climate change) crowd. Add to this the numerous times that NASA and other agencies have been caught with fudging the data and there...
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    A pocket knife saves the day...

    NJ couple attacked in tent in Canada by wolf.
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    I agree that electric cars are the future. And if they could get the price point down while also improving battery capacity to allow 500 mile runs between charges and then have it charge in under 10 minutes with charging stations as common as today’s gas stations, I would consider one.
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    Excessive Heat

    I’m going where it will be cooler on Saturday, my place in Florida with an expected high of 89 :smug: