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    ORV - Soil Retention - Carbon? What Da?!!! They're Serious!

    Many of these issues keep mentioning off-road vehicle, but I haven’t seen a definition of that. Does anyone know what their definition of off road vehicle refers to? Is it all 4x4s, ATVs, or any vehicle that happens to be on a sandy road?
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    New ORV Plan Ideas

    The comment “launching a permitting system for off-road drivers” has got me worried. I’ve seen permit systems put in place in other states where it was expensive, prohibitive and in some cases only limited to a certain number of permits to be issued. Hopefully, those problems won’t happen here.
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    Preserved land question.

    See if this helps……
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    Forecasters predict long-lasting warm temperatures in eastern U.S.

    Things are a bit cooler on the other side of the globe.
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    Hollow Field Cemetery

    Hotmail accounts still work. Mines over 20 years old and working fine.
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    Higher zoom levels now available

    Nice work!
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    WMAs closing areas

    It’s viewable from my IPad using Safari and Chrome.
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    Many of the roads are worse today than 40 years ago. There are some roads that I used to travel in a 2 wheel vehicle that are now inaccessible to even most 4x4s. Some of these roads have been so destroyed by many vehicle caused dips, that they are impossible to drive on or often flooded. Today...
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    Real Estate

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    Pine Barren History Video

    Al, I will hit the 70 mark later this year! But that does profit me with 50 years of pine barrens enjoyment!
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    Campground Operators ‘Beg’ Committee To Not Pass Law That Would Close ‘Loophole’ Permitting Off-Season Stays

    I don’t think this is fair to the owners. There’s a big difference between providing housing to workers and charging a fee to renters for the same living space.
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    Pine Barren History Video

    Only if I die before you :smug:
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    Some N.J. state parks, forests can reopen for camping June 22, officials say

    From the “Camping Reservation” site. State Park Service Overnight Facilities Update Effective Monday, March 22, primitive campsites, group campsites and additional tent/trailer campsites will be made available for reservations for the period starting April 1 through December 15. In addition...
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    I don’t know what the resolution details are, but I’ve been using the “My Radar” app on an IPhone and it works very well. It does look better than what’s offered on Accuweather and the NWS.
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    Lake Hopatcong

    I do remember the amusement park, a lot of games of chance as I recall.