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    Off-road Article

    Yes, he said the problems were worsened by Trump supporters. I wonder how he got this information, did he stop and take polls of the people causing the violations?
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    Looks like we won’t be getting the heavy rain previously forecast per this 7:30am radar.
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    Toyota 4runner

    I own a 2009 Tacoma, 4x4, 4L V6, access cab with the 6 foot bed, and am the original owner.You wouldn’t want to ride in the back seat, unless you’re 5 years old, because it’s small. But it does give me lots of dry space for storing my soft items when camping (clothes, sleeping bags, etc). The...
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    Good site for rain totals and the columns can be sorted. Might want to read the FAQ first so you can understand exactly what the numbers mean. Other states and dates are also available.
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    What is this symbol?

    Could it be a cliff? I haven’t been there, but maybe someone who has can verify that.
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    Webbs Mill flooded by beaver again?

    Speaking of snakes, this cutie came into my campsite at Shenandoah this week.
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    Turtle lesions
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    Another Flyover is scheduled to include South Jersey

    On May 12th
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    The barriers have been removed

    Was hoping to get in some camping soon, hopefully soon.
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    NJ Offshore Wind farm closer to reality
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    FWIW I don't think viruses qualify as being alive. They are, in essence, inert unless they come into contact with a living cell. There are some characteristics of viruses that put them on the borderline [of being alive] — they have genetic material: DNA or RNA. Without a cell, a virus cannot...
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    Don’t know about any launching at that time, but I was on the Gulf Coast and looking West.
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    It moved from left to right for about 5 seconds and then was no longer in view. The only reference was Venus, but it looked very far away, like it was in space. It could have moved fast enough to be out of sight, who knows?
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    My wife and I saw a UFO last month while in Florida. I spotted an orange like dot just to the left of Venus and watched it for awhile to see what happened. At first it was motionless, and then it moved slowly to the right and then just vanished. Don’t know what it was, but it looked like it was...