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    Good site for rain totals and the columns can be sorted. Might want to read the FAQ first so you can understand exactly what the numbers mean. Other states and dates are also available.
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    What is this symbol?

    Could it be a cliff? I haven’t been there, but maybe someone who has can verify that.
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    Webbs Mill flooded by beaver again?

    Speaking of snakes, this cutie came into my campsite at Shenandoah this week.
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    Turtle lesions
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    Another Flyover is scheduled to include South Jersey

    On May 12th
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    The barriers have been removed

    Was hoping to get in some camping soon, hopefully soon.
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    NJ Offshore Wind farm closer to reality
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    FWIW I don't think viruses qualify as being alive. They are, in essence, inert unless they come into contact with a living cell. There are some characteristics of viruses that put them on the borderline [of being alive] — they have genetic material: DNA or RNA. Without a cell, a virus cannot...
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    Don’t know about any launching at that time, but I was on the Gulf Coast and looking West.
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    It moved from left to right for about 5 seconds and then was no longer in view. The only reference was Venus, but it looked very far away, like it was in space. It could have moved fast enough to be out of sight, who knows?
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    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds

    My wife and I saw a UFO last month while in Florida. I spotted an orange like dot just to the left of Venus and watched it for awhile to see what happened. At first it was motionless, and then it moved slowly to the right and then just vanished. Don’t know what it was, but it looked like it was...
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Make that 2 of us who care, and I’m sure most do as well or they wouldn’t be on this site. Keep them coming!
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    Isolation 2020

    Yes, Dr. Fauci did minimize the expected outcome of this virus, as did the WHO, and the CDC. The President and many politicians on both sides of the aisle, after being briefed of these opinions, then adopted that same position resulting in delayed actions here in America. The growing case...
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    This post is not meant to minimize Covid 19 by any measure, but simply to compare it to a recent flu. According to the CDC, 80000 Americans died from the 2017-2018 seasonal flu. So maybe all of the precautions are actually working to keep the death count down from Covid 19...
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    Gas prices

    I had an 81 VW Diesel Rabbit and got 56 mpg on a long highway trip, 40+ around town. It was incredibly reliable, except for a couple times when the temperature got in single digits and the diesel fuel turned to jello!