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    Are Coyotes a threat?

    I dont see a 35 pound animal as being much of a threat. Im pretty sure That i have the advantage of size and strength over a coyote. Even though they do live in small packs That are just a family group, they almost always hunt alone. So having coyotes gang up on you is unlikely.
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    Bigfoots in the pines?

    Ha! Me too. There are no sasquatch In the pines, and probably don't exist any other place as well.
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    The end of Garmin Basecamp

    Smartphone agps is superior now anyway. You can download entire maps of the area for offline use, and most maps and apps are free. I suggest backcountry navigator. Tons of maps to choose from and all the bells and whistles with dropping and creating way points, recording your track through the...
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    Old Bridge Pine Barrens?

    Go to the John A Phillips preserve. Plenty of pines there. You will find the trailhead at the back of the park behind the baseball diamond.
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    Wilderness Camping

    The mullica camp is about 4 miles from Batsto, not 7
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    Squealing red ant?

    The velvet ant, also known as the cow killer. Its actually a wingless flightless wasp. A Very painful sting can be delivered by this insect. Steer clear, don't agitate it, pushing sticks on to it is just going to prime it to sting.
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    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    Yeah, I think Verizon is a bit superior to AT&T. The coverage is a bit more spotty in my experience with AT&T.
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    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    Lower forge is the only place i get cell coverage actually. I think its the fact that it's on top of a hill. I have at & t. I do share your observation, it's pretty silent there.
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    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    The entire length of jenny jump Forest is only a few miles, it's a thin corridor. Wharton is hundreds of miles square. They don't compare, you can fit every other state forest in New Jersey inside the borders of Wharton.
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    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    I wouldn't call Jenny jump remote. You are vety close to well trafficked highways, farms, and plenty of residential homes only a few miles away from you at any point
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    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    I find the pines less scary at night than more common forests like those found along the Appalachian trail. The thicker canopy and elevation changes along mountainous or even flat deciduous forests block out a lot more light, especially when cloudy and with a new moon. Plus, way more variety of...
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    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    Sand hill cranes? Screech owls? Coyotes? I hope you aren't insinuating the leeds devil or Bigfoot.
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    Most Remote Area in the Pines

    There are undoubtedly sections in Wharton where few if any people have ventured. I'd say much of the great swamp deep past the accessible areas near Atsion. Not easy to hike through that area, nor find places where kayak or canoe will get you without having to port over these areas. Probably...
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    Beer (again)

    Thanks a bunch!