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  • Jerseyman, I am researching Cattus Island, Toms River, when It was owned by the Applegates. I am trying to find the location of Applegate Sawmill which ran from 1842 to the mid 1870's. It was said to be near Applegate Cove and a Lumer boatyard was said to be near by. Im also researching the Pennsylvania Salt works and the 2 companies of Pennsylvania Infantry that guarded the place at Shelter Cove in Toms River. Joe
    Just wondering if the publication "Scene, Yesterday" by Frank Wainwright a collection of his articles for the "Advance Nickel News"
    would be of any value to you. If so I would be happy to send it on to you. My family is mostly from the Burlington area and not mentioned in the publication.
    You helped me with information on these "Taylors" in the past
    Marcia Taylor Stoetzel
    Paul, in The City of Burlington’s Water Supply text from your website, in prefacing the REPORT OF HENRY P. M. BIRKINBINE, C. E., you say " Here is the initial portion of the text, which firmly expresses Birkinbine’s opinion that the Board of Water Commissioners ordered an engine too small for its purpose"

    But I found the opposite to be true when I read the report. Am I missing something?

    Jerseyman, you and I lived in Rancocas at about the same time. My parents lived in the Hudson Haines house, the last house on the right going toward Mt. Holly. After the bypass went through they built an Exxon next to us. Granville and Julia Haines owned the property as part of Rancocas Valley Farms. Jim Scott,
    As a newcomer to NJPineBarrens, this is my first posting. I have been reading with great interest your postings on the subject of Peggy Clevenger. This is of particular interest to me because Peggy Clevenger was my great-great-great grandmother. I am limited to 420 characters here, so I could elaborate in smaller posts or send it to another e-mail. Thank you,
    Joseph Brower
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