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    The west side of Tulpehocken at Friendship

    Great Report..w/pic's :) reminds me of the Beaver Colony on the Great EggH River I saw Monday, a new couple was making a lodge not far from the main lodge. I counted about six older lodges but none as big as the main one. Mahalo again, very enjoyable !
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    More "Then And Now Photo's".

    The "Now and Then" pic's are fun to look at....Thank-You
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    Another trip to Manumuskin River Preserve

    Looks like a beautiful area....I'll have to check out the river trail...Good Report, Mahalo :mrgreen:
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    Favorite time to go to the pines?

    Thats a hard one....each season has something special to offer, Enjoying the Solitude of the Pines is always best in the colder months and I do like the higher faster water levels for paddle'n. Spring and Fall for flora's all just so good. Yesterday seemed to be a favorite for alot of...
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    Purchase A & B Stone, and a Canal

    Fantastic Report...I enjoyed it very much.This is an area of interest to me. :mrgreen:
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    Bear in Z Pines

    Bear That is so cool to have a Bear(s) in the Pines...Hope to hear and see more about them.:mrgreen: Mahalo
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    Things that shouldn't be done in the Pines.

    Just like to say , good post. I always try to pick up and back out trash that other people leave. even when paddle'n. I just cant understand why people would want to leave garbage in an area they came to enjoy too. :bear: It's just sad that it sometimes looks like we came from the market with...
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    Quaker Bridge Road

    Great WeekEnd Hello I'm a newbie here but I feel like I came home...So much to read and learn here, Mahalo for letting me in the door. What a beautiful weekend it was in the Pines, Hiked the trail at Basto and Yak'd Oswego. :mrgreen: Head'n to Quaker Bridge this week. There was no one on the...