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    Harrisville Article

    Outstanding article! I wish I could have made it to the trip, but I got tied up with some other obligations :(
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    Building in the Pine Barrens

    Thank you for responding to my post. My concern is that I may not be able to improve or build on my property because one of the endangered species 'might' be able to live in my yard (assumable habitation). They aren't going to just survey the land; I've been told that any and all improvements...
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    Google Satellite photos... wow!

    I think these pics are great! On Netscape's opening page (or somewhere else, I don't remember), someone was compalining about the violation of privacy...uh, dumbass--there are plenty of other sites out there that show satellite photos.
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    Snakes moving?

    I've noticed quite a few of them...even the two nasty lookin' ones that appeared as we were getting ready to move a tree near the septic tank (guh, why they would want to hang out there? :P ) Husband removed one of 'em and the other one went back underground. Seen one in the shed, too....along...
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    Forest fire risks rise in dry spell

    And this does thoroughly suck...I live in Belleplain, with the 22,000 +/- acre state forest as my backyard. The closest the trees are to my house are about 25 feet...mostly cinder block construction, but we'd be screwed anyway. Every day for the past week, I have either driven by the entrance...
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    surprising number of deer in Voorhees

    I know exactly just what you mean. I live in a very small town called Belleplain, here in Northern Cape May County. The majority of our town is protected by state forest boundries, and we have a total of about 700 people living here. Most of them (my husband's family included) have been here...
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    Police activity

    I was in the Lowe's in Millville earlier this week and quite a lot of the employees had on the white tshirts with the couples picture with the word 'lost' or 'missing' written above it and a phone number (all in large print). I hope everything turns out okay for them...
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    Harrisville Tour

    I can go, let me just check with the boss (husband LOL) and make sure I take my shots in the morning before I go :) Look forward to see others there...
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    Chernobyl Ghost Town

    What's scary is we are being offered a beautiful home in Penns Grove instead of gong through the hassle of living here...too damn close for comfort to the Salem Plant...
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    South Jersey Magazine

    Someone copied this site? Ouch, who can be better than you guys ? :D No one... ;)
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    South Jersey Magazine In South Jersey: Two magazines with the same name go to court GEOFF MULVIHILL Associated Press MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. - South Jersey's age-old identity crisis has become a federal case for two rival magazine publishers. One...
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    South Jersey Magazine

    Dumb question here--what's a 'copycat site'?
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    South Jersey Magazine

    Not sure if this site is the same's printed out of Millville and just chock full of history, stories, old diaries, etc. I am writing to the company right now (if it is still in print) about back issues and posting their articles with credit given to proper author, etc. The...
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    South Jersey Magazine

    As I was climbing my family tree last night, I came across my stack of back issues of South Jersey magazine. Some of them date to the 1970's and have photos, articles, etc about some of the now ghost towns and forgotten places. FALL 1972 -The Union Academy -Let's Follow The River Along...
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    Building in the Pine Barrens

    Found this article... March 20, 2005 Pinelands Commission may alter building rules Potential habitat for endangered species could be set aside By JARRETT RENSHAW Staff Writer, (609) 978-2015 The...