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    Where is this?

    Well; I'll take a guess. It is where Fleming Pike crosses the Sleeper Branch. I've have not been at that location.
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    Capewell Glass Negative Collection

    Look at the person standing on top of the sawdust pile. His size appears to be out of proportion to the height of the building below. The second picture appears to have been taken at a higher elevation than the first one. In fact, was that picture actually taken from the top of the pile.
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    Where is this?

    Here's two more. Both are in the general area of Sooy Rd and Sykes Branch.
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    Identify buildings?

    If the Woodland Township Historical Society's web page is current, Diane Sooy is the Treasurer/Secretary. I do not know her. I was just googling her name. Also, Ted Gordon is the Historian.
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    Illegal Structure In Wharton

    The way things were left there, it appears that the tarp might have blown off. And where's all the beer cans and other usually trash. They actually kept it clean.
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    Chatsworth Lake

    I made a stop at Burnt Bridge this past week. I noticed that the water level was way down on the upstream side. I never saw it that low. The 'never wets' that come up from the water at this time of the year, were on exposé mud flats. The beaver dam on the opposite side was broken though...
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    Burlington County Country Club

    If I had the great grandfather's name, I might be able to tie it to 'The Chatsworth Club'. It went into foreclosure in 1908 and sold to a syndicate composed of Jonathan Godfrey, Leavitt J Hunt, and Thomas C. Rumbault.
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    Burlington County Country Club

    You are right that there is no mention of Burlington County Country Club on this site, or even if you google. It may help if you could give us the name of your great grandfather.
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    Right of way?

    I'm a little confused. You only been at Site 2? I was at Site 1 last year, but I don't recall the debris you had shown in your photo.
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    Your first digital pictures of the Pines

    I picked out three photos that each has a little story. I started roaming the Pines back in the Fall of 2008. I was not a member of this Site at the time. Being in retirement, I would visit about twice a week, only during weekdays. Many times exploring, I would not see a sole. I had picked...
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    Rosa Rugosa

    According to the NJDEP Coastal Management Zone Regulations, dunes in NJ should be only planted with native plants. Rosa Rugosa is a non-native plant and should not be planted when restoring native dunes.
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    Where is this?

    Guy; you were there before me. I was there on October 23rd.
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    Where is this?

    You are correct! It is south of Baptist Rd and just east of Long Causeway (FFP) on the edge of an old blueberry farm.
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    Where is this?

    I've been busy sorting and purging my too many photos. I took this photo of a building back in 2010, and probably the first time I saw that photo since then. Any guess of its location?
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    Where is this?

    I'll make the guess that it is the reservoir at Long Causeway (Baptist Rd). But I don't see the stumps.