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    Various From This Morning

    What I read on the Net, back in 2018, the DEP initiated a Broom Crowberry Habitat Restoration Project in the Stafford Forge WMA. They began bulldozing "scrapes" on the surface of soil adjacent to broom crowberry populations. Broom crowberry seeds typical disperse within a short distance, so...
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    Various From This Morning

    Just by looking at the map, that open area seems to be a rye field. What I don't understand is that .31 miles away up Old Forge Road, there are four more open areas that date back to at least 1995, looking like rye fields. Why the need for two more in that area? Looking at the NYPB Maps, that...
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    Plant ID please

    My guess is Hampton Furnace.
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    Where is this?

    I'm going to say it's in Barnegat Township.
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    Eagle House

    If; this new structure is at the exact location of the old red house, that will be 36 Eagle Rd (Block 2602. Lot 2.01, currently owned by Jason Grater. See 'view pictures' for the red house and two maps. That's my take...
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    At a Different Perspective

    Here's a few photos I have taken over the years looking at the Pines at a different perspective. This is what makes the Pines so unique. I'm stuck. He later thanked me.
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    New Insect Repellent in the Future
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    Has anyone been in the woods today? Are the State Forests closed to everyone for awhile?

    Not knowing of the State Forest closures, I drove down Quaker Bridge Rd to the bridge today with no issues. There were a couple vehicles at one of kayak access area. But, I did have problems getting to Atsion Lake. When going to Atsion, I drive thru Cherry Hill on Rt 70, then cut over on...
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    Hiker's Beware

    You also need to be aware of parking your Honda Accord in your driveway overnight. During the night about two weeks go, catalytic converters were cut off from two Accords in the neighborhood next to me, less then 1/2 mile away. This is in Haddon Twp. And; I have a Honda Accord.
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    Webbs Mill flooded since July 22nd

    Guy, I didn't read the article which I should of. My solution is to place a standpipe vertically in the swamp to a certain height and attach a conduit to the bottom. When the water gets above the top of the standpipe, it will spill down into conduit and the water would go down under the road...
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    Webbs Mill flooded since July 22nd

    There are various pond leveler devices on the market to control beaver issues. This is just one of them. Google images to see various systems.
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    Blue Mushroom

    I found this blue colored mushroom in a cedar swamp in Penn State Forest. I've seen many different mushrooms in the Pines, this is the first blue one. Checking my field guide on Mushrooms of Northeast North America I can't get a firm ID. I should have taken a pic of the underside, but...
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    I was planning to do just that for the next two weeks. I know of two locations, but I'm going to check out another possible spot. Stopping by one of the known locations back on 7/14, the orchid looked like this.....
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    Road Closures

    Not very road had a sign. Even 10 years ago, they were very old, and you had to look hard even to notice them. They were made out of wood and attached to trees. That's why I said, historically.
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    Road Closures

    When I started exploring the Pines 10 years old, there were old No Motor Access signs along Glossy Spung Rd on the roads leading toward the Batsto. So, historically, motor vehicles weren't permitted on those roads for a long time.