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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Looking at Google Maps and the Satellite view on NJPB Maps, that Lauries Rd is labelled on the road at Long Causeway from Baptist Rd up along the east side of Shoal Branch to where it goes through the Shreve Branch. (If you were heading to the south side of the Sykes Branch)
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    Dead Shredded Red

    Scott; looking at Google, a great horned owl have been known to kill red-tailed hawks. Back in February, as I was exploring the Sykes Branch near Coyle Field (this was in the area where we crossed the Sykes Branch in our recent PBX Trip) I found three headless pheasants, two on the ground and...
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    The "Flaming Plains", A PBX Hike

    Bob, Thanks for inviting me along. I had a very enjoyable day with all the PBXer's. It's nice to put a face to the members who post that I read over the years. It sure beats roaming the Pines alone taking pictures of plants that I can't identify. However, any day in the Pines is a good day...
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    Hiking in some other Pines

    Recently, my wife and I spent a good part of a week in Taos, New Mexico. We were home for just one week and then spent another week in Georgia visiting my youngest Son and Family. While in NM, I hiked one of the more popular trails in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains located in the most southern...
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    Hot Summer Days in the Pines (Photos)

    Al, Thanks. I believe you are correct. Here's the other side. A little blurry though
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    Hot Summer Days in the Pines (Photos)

    Here's some photos from my outings in the hot Pines this past month. Lycopodiella caroliniana (Carolina Club moss) On State Endangered List as S3. Thanks Bob, for the ID Utricularia purpurea (Purple Bladderworts) I liked the pattern Cedar Waxwing (first time sighting) Schizaea pursilla...
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    I noticed a while back it was sold. Sold for $150,000 on 6/28/2019
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    Service station on the Red Lion Circle?

    On 1940 map on Historic Aerials there was a building at the Circle between RT 206 N and RT 70 W. It shows a road coming in off of 206 before the Circle and back on to 70 down from the Circle. It also appears to be two entrances in front of the building right at the Circle. The structure...
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    Pine Barren History Shorts

    Bob; is this what you are referring to?
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    Where is this?

    For 1602, it is were the North Branch Forked River crosses the road where Al made a guess. For never being in this area, this is my final answer. For 1859, well it's not easy for me where you were standing. I just can't get the right perspective between the photo and map. That's why I didn't...
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    Where is this?

    As for the 1859, I believe it's at the marker on the attached. I was looking at this one earlier on different years maps, and I notice this area was cut and not cut. For 1602, it is in the Forked...
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    The Cedars at Sykes

    The Cedars at Sykes. The title sounds like an age-restricted community, but no, it's cedar swamps along the Sykes Branch deep in the heart of the NJ Pine Barrens. With majestic tall straight Atlantic White Cedars, hummocks, water everywhere, sphagnum moss abound, squishy ground, and at this...
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    Stone Searching... Fall, Winter, Spring 2018/2019

    To confirm two things mentioned earlier. It sure looks like the state forest vehicle that Guy saw on Sooy Rd was posting new signs. I saw several new signs today. As for the collapse pipe in the road, I saw that last week too, but it's bigger now. Sometime very recent a road grader came down...
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    One of the best send-off's

    Scott; At the time of my hand surgery, my Family Doctor had referred me to a hand and wrist specialist at Reconstructive Orthopedics. I would have recommended him, but since then he retired. So, when I fractured my wrist March 2018, I just took next available hand and wrist specialist.. He's...
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    One of the best send-off's

    I haven't been following this thread for a while, however I just noticed the subject got changed to Dupuytren's contracture. I had this problem on both hands. I was told it could be heredity, but I'm not aware of anyone in my family having it, and I don't have northern Euro heritage. Sorry...