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    National Monument

    I completely forgot about Wind Cave! It was ungodly hot the day we did the cave tour so it was the perfect activity for that day.
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    National Monument

    We saw a lot on our road trip this summer. Spent time at all these places. Didn’t get to explore everything I would’ve liked since the younger kids can’t do some of the longer hikes but we packed in as much as they would tolerate. By the time we got to Moab they just wanted to be in the pool...
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    Porsche unveils 911 Dakar, an off-road beast

    Your tax dollars at play. WTF are they going to do with that thing? They carrying the SWAT team out there to catch skinny dippers. It has to be loud as hell. You’ll hear it from a mile away. I saw some kids in a Cayenne trying to get around the puddles by Hampton Forge without getting mom’s...
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    Went out to pick up some firewood on Monday and took my fly rod along for the ride. Got a dozen or so hits. Only managed to land 2 but they were quality fish. This guy was just over 19” and the other was a couple inches shorter.
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    Skeletal Remains Of Missing South Jersey Man Found In Wharton State Forest

    I was just wondering about this guy recently. Has anyone heard anything about the remains found near Leisuretown or the couple from Stafford? I saw some rumors posted on another site that I won’t repeat but was wondering if there was ever any official word on cause of death for those two.
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    Police investigating fatal crash in Burlington County (On 532 Near Apple Pie Hill)

    What a horrible thing for everyone involved. Red light cameras have been banned and we don’t have any speed cameras in NJ and I believe that there was a bill in the works recently that would prohibit the NJ MVC from sharing NJ driver’s information with out of state law enforcement for the...
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    Crapper's Full!

    Funny, I just drove through there today and noticed the porta potties. Looks like the cabins down the road got new septic systems. I guess AFC will be next.
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    Finally!!! Got one1

    Nice! Those little guys are a lot of fun on a fly rod. It’s as close to trout fishing as you can get in the pine barrens.
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    Crews Battling Wildfire Along Mullica River in South Jersey’s Wharton State Forest

    I figured it was along the parkway or Bass River. We could see and smell a lot of smoke all the way down on the boardwalk in Ocean City last night. We were parked in the 6th Street lot by the high school and when we got back to the car around 9 the smoke was really thick in all the street lights...
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    A Sad Sight

    I agree with you there but it’s also been that way since I discovered Oswego in the mid 90’s. When they still had the trash barrel there it was always overflowing and piled deep with junk around it.
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    A Sad Sight

    I refuse to go to Oswego anymore to hang out unless we’re paddling away from the picnic area. Same scene over and over again there. Think I’ve only been once since ‘16 or ‘17. Final straw for me, I was there with my two oldest kids and there were several couples together with lots of kids...
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    Be careful out there!

    He’s back in custody.
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    Getting into the Pygmy Pines near Warren Grove Range

    You never know, anything is possible!