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    Go Fund Me

    Hi everyone, I have started a gofundme for the portrait of Benjamin Jones of Hanover Furnace fame. Please consider helping preserve this piece of South Jersey history. Sincerely, Tom
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    Richard Jones of Hanover Furnace

    I recently received this image of Samuel Howell Jones from a relative in Washington State.
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    609 area code is getting an "overlay"

    That's the first I've heard of this. Thanks.
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    Richard Jones of Hanover Furnace

    I look forward to hearing from you Guy.
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    Richard Jones of Hanover Furnace

    Thanks Ben. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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    Richard Jones of Hanover Furnace

    Attached is an image taken from a tintype of Richard Jones (1812-1890). He and his brother, Samuel, were the later proprietors of Hanover Furnace and Maryann Forge having purchased the operations from their father Benjamin. They operated the furnace from 1844 to about 1853, when the equipment...
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    Benjamin Jones of Hanover Furnace

    I don't own it, although I would really like to. It is just a better picture.
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    Benjamin Jones of Hanover Furnace

    I am posting this for anyone who may be interested in what the proprietor of Hanover Furnace looked like. I had previously been told by a distant relative that there had been a painting of Benjamin Jones but it had gotten destroyed. However, he was mistaken, as the painting still exists...
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    Water Filters?

    Berkey Water Filter. We use it daily, it is gravity fed and will filter pond water. We've taken it camping in Maine and filtered the pond water there. It has been used on numerous humanitarian aid missions, such as the relief effort in Haiti after the earthquake. The initial start-up cost is a...
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    Two trips to the pines

    Nice photos guy. I have never seen a tree frog; though, I hear them all the time. We bought a house that is literally situated in a swamp last year. It's a stupid place for a house, but it sure is neat, especially for the little ones.
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    Mary Ann Forge

    I'm a little late to this thread but wanted to thank you, Jerseyman, for a very interesting read. If you would like, I will see if I can get a cleaner close-up of Marian Forge from the Jones Tract and forward it to you.
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    The Pines, the Jersey Devil, and One Man’s Opinion of Pineys

    That is an interesting read. I suspect that it never really happened, though, because Benjamin died May 10, 1849. Thanks for posting it Jerseyman.
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    A Trip Through the Pines, 1859

    Thanks for alerting me to the post, Jerseyman. I truly enjoyed reading it. I would wager that the "principal" of the surveying party would be Joseph W. Cox, who surveyed the entire tract for Richard and Samuel. As I recall, he resided at Hanover. I presume that the sketch referred to isn't...
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    The downward spiral continues.....

    Here's another good one: We can simply spend ourselves rich.
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    One Tiny Piney

    Thank you. This makes two girls and one boy. The newest arrival is a daughter.