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    Winter photos so far

    Nice photos. I have only a few pine tree views in these photos from November 2020 and March 2021. At Kings Park New York which shows a former Long Island Railroad spur segment to The Kings Park Psychiatric Center Complex. One time it was one of the largest mental hospitals in the...
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    Bald Eagle Cam

    Probably the same webcam but different birds after four years.
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    Bald Eagle Cam

    I think this is that link in Hillsborough.
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    Bald Eagle Cam

    Just like the above video you can rewind the videos to see the youngsters.
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    Bald Eagle Cam

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    Some photos I took last year near Edison New Jersey. In the industrial park complex near the New Jersey Expo Center. I always enjoy the meticulous grounds in that area. Got a few pine views.
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    Up high...

    A few of my photos from 1992 near Lincoln New Hampshire. A tourist railroad called The White Mountain Central Railroad. Short ride with a covered bridge and plenty of pine trees. Near Mount Washington.
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    Some nice Springtime scenes just outside Flemington. Car dealership on route 202. Late May about five years ago.
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    Some nice pine trees I saw in Piscataway New Jersey. On Saturday not far from the Dunellen New Jersey train station.
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    For those interested in the State Forests at the other end of NJ

    Beautiful scenery up in that corner of New Jersey. I have been to Port Jervis New York many times. I have seen the High Point New Jersey monument from Port Jervis. Delaware River borders New York and Pennsylvania at Port Jervis. Nearby it borders New Jersey and Pennsylvania. My photos...
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    A few years ago on a nice Spring late afternoon. NJ Transit at Mountain Lakes New Jersey. Sometimes they use Metro North engines.
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    Walking along a road : suspicious activity?

    I never had anyone question me on my many hikes along numerous roads. I believe as long as you stay away from narrow roads you have plenty of room to avoid getting hit by vehicles. And make sure you appear to belong in that area without looking lost. Obviously walking during daylight hours...
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    The Penn Branch Trail

    Very interesting trail to explore one day. Seems walkable with level grades. At least part of the way.
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    Announcing the new NJPB Maps

    Those maps are very helpful. Thanks for posting them.
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    Trains found underwater off of NJ coast

    Click on the underlined link to get to the YouTube video.