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    Remote, Old Hidden Hunting Cabin

    Amazing find guy? Looks like it was very comfortable at one time. Some work went into that construction. I share your enthusiasm. Cool find!
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    Meat-in-the-Woods Camera

    this talk of grouse got me thinking about the Heath Hen that used to be plentiful in the pine plains. Allegedly, the pine plains were known as the grouse plains until the mid 1800's when they became extinct from the area due to over hunting. Historical accounts claim that they were delicious...
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    Meat-in-the-Woods Camera

    great shots of those yotes, Scott!! People have been hearing them at the Mullica wilderness campsite and lower forge every weekend. They have replaced the whippoorwills which some people appreciate. Personally I like both.
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    Public Service Announcement

    It must be another masting year. I think we had one two or three years ago. What amazes me is the geographical extent of a mast, covering most of the pines it seems.
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    First time I ever heard an opossum referred to as cute. I guess when they are babies they can pull it off.
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    Tuesday In The Pines

    Nice report and great frog pic. Those seeps are the lifeblood of the pines.
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    Any luck fishing at Atsion lake?

    Okay, I will PM Atsion lake fishing tips to both of you.
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    Any luck fishing at Atsion lake?

    Hey, okay, I am pretty secretive with my fishing tricks because I know if I wasn't there wouldn't be any fish left in the pine barrens (yes, I'm that good! LOL). But, I have a soft spot for kids fishing, so here is the deal...If you agree to not use the information I give you for evil, you know...
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    Nice snapper. Probably pretty young (you know like 40). I found a very large snapper in a creek by my house (dead). I brought it back to my house, which was a very difficult and smelly job, and let it rot out in hopes of preserving it's shell and skeleton. Unfortunately, the scutes fell off...
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    Carcass Cam Eagle Tonight

    I was just thinking that, Guy. Just before I scrolled down and saw your comment. I feel like saying, "hey, lighten up" . Very cool, Scott.
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    Pine Barren Flora

    Nice pics Bob!
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    Enduro Club Use of the Pines

    I think there was a misunderstanding. I was not implying that fire cuts (plow lines) were a means to reduce the spread of wildfire directly, I was recognizing them as a way of reducing wildfire through their usefulness in controlled burns (which reduce the spread of wildfire). I can see that I...
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    Blocking ATV Access To Spung's In Wharton

    Nice work to everyone involved! The barriers look about as aesthetically pleasing as barriers are capable of looking. I was very glad to hear that wood was being used as opposed to those steel barriers at Friendship. Once again, fantastic effort!!
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    Not your everyday Wells Mills Park Pics

    Wow! She really has a gift. I hope she keeps this up!