2006 Honda CRV Running Boards

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    I have removed the running boards from my Honda CRV and I am offering them to anyone for free. I am certain they will fit any CRV from 2002 to 2006 and maybe others. They are not in perfect shape so even if you think you can sell them to make some money let me know. I am offering them for free only to members of this site as of me posting this. They are in my shed right now so if you want to know more about them I can get you at a later date any information I can find on them if requested. I don't believe they were part of the car when it was originally purchased but I may be wrong. I can tell you the car was made with the holes to mount them so Honda at least planned ahead for them. My daughters 2004 had them when she purchased it. Included are all of the bolts separated in bags


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