8 species of Oak


Dec 31, 1969
This is interesting. On the property of the "Pines" golf course at the Marriott Seaview in Galloway Township, Atlantic County, where I work, there at least 7 species of Oak, besides all the Pitch Pine.
We've got White Oak, Post Oak, Chestnut Oak, Blackjack Oak and Spanish Oak. Then there is one I'm very sure is Scarlet Oak and one that I thought was Northern Red Oak, but is more probably Black Oak. All of them are quite common there.
Then here at our house, in the woods behind and next to the house, there are all of those, except Spanish Oak. I don't think we have any Blackjack Oak either, but I'm not sure. And I've only seen one Chestnut Oak. There was a severe forest fire here in 1976 and apparently all the trees that didn't survive were cut and removed. The back woods is filling in with Pitch Pine and some oaks. But the shrub layer/understory is 90% Scrub Oak, which is impossible to walk through. There is also a lot of Inkberry Holly and some other things.
I find it so interesting that we have so many different species of oak here in the Pine Barrens. I have a few leaves from each species and it's interesting to look at the differences in them.