A Jersey Devil Hunt!!


Nov 8, 2004
Near Mt. Misery
With all this discussion on the Jersey Devil I propose a Jersey Devil Hunt! And I know exactly where he is! No, No, I'm not suggesting we go into the woods looking for him, I can make it a little easier. There is an atlas that I suspect a good number of you have. It is called the New Jersey Atlas and Gazetteer, Topo Maps of the Entire State. It is published by DeLorme. It is in large book form. It is not as detailed as the USGS topos we usually use, but a great quick reference publication.

Anyway, the state is divided into quadrants and each quadrant is numbered like pages. I noticed a few years back by accident that one of the quadrants within the pines barrens contains a small rendering of the Jersey Devil. The editors must have been having a little fun. It is just stuck in there.

And so the hunt is on! If you have this map, be the first one to find it by posting the page (quad). it appears on. I will confirm the winner. And what do you win....the sheer joy of winning that's what.