A romp of otters!


Jan 15, 2013
Hi all! I had an awesome encounter yesterday! Took the new boat out fishing at a recently opened WMA. Had a great day fishing and just before 5 I was leaning over to release a fish and put on a new shiner when I heard a snort. I look to my left and see something swimming towards me. As it got closer I realized it was multiple creatures. Turned out to be a romp of 5-7 otters out hunting. Wasn’t able to get a full count of how many since they were spread out, diving and moving and I was in complete awe of what was going on. They swam by within casting distance and were working the edges under the overhanging brush for a while. After they passed by and got out into the open water I “followed” them for a good 15-20 minutes from a long distance, so far that I couldn’t get a good picture or video from where I was. They were having a grand old time diving and floating around. Sorry about the extra noise but you can hear them all snorting at me as they swim by. Went out with 2 dozen shiners and all but 4 were sacrificed to the fish. I ended the day with 7 bass up to 16”, 9 pickerel up to just shy of 18”, lost a bigger one also, 1 black crappie and a decent size tiger perch. Most were on shiners and 2 on a small spinner bait. It was a good day.