Amatol reports and mapping


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Nothing really shows on contemporary aerial imagery and from what I've read, it was all hauled away when they closed the plant down. Unfortunately the town is completely on private property so it's not a good place to explore.

Since you seem to have an interest in ruins, Belco is the place to visit. There are extensive ruins there and it's all on public land (in the Atlantic County Park at Estell Manor). A number of structures are visible from the trails and roads in the park. Some of the more interesting ruins are completely overgrown in areas of the park the are virtually inaccessible - especially this time of year. You have to go through dense laurel and holly thickets full of greenbriar with nasty thorns. Winter is a better time to look for these ruins. Even with good conditions, you will be bleeding when you emerge from these thickets. ;)

Here's a trail map if you are interested in visiting. The ticks, mosquitoes and flies can be pretty nasty this time of year, and the chiggers will also be out soon, so be advised.

More info on Belco here:

If you visit the nature center in the park you'll see an old blueprint that shows all the plant buildings. They will also be shown on my upcoming "HD Map of the Pines", however I'm not quite ready to release that.