An annoyingly big 1872 nap of Atlantic County


Here, as promised a ridiculously long time ago, is a link to a digital copy of the Beers Comstock and Cline map of Atlantic County. The image is huge and can be anywhere from nonexistent to a bit balky in a lot of browsers. I strongly recommend downloading the Opera Browser form - I don't know whether it's that diet of cod fish balls, goat cheese and pastry or what, but those Norwegians sure know how to handle heavy graphics:) Anyway, the map is pretty cool. It is, however, a tad beat up. Then again, unless you have a friend who owns one or feel like driving to Mays Landing, this is your best bet. So, with out further rambling, here is the link. - Beers Comstock and Cline - 1872.shtml

I hope folks find it useful.


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Sep 17, 2002
Thanks Relayer! I was able to download it using Safari.

It is an interesting map. If anyone can't download it and wants to see it, I have saved it at 50 percent and it is about 15MB. I can upload it to my webspace and send the link.



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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Very cool - thanks so much! It was taking a few minutes on my 2.5M DSL connection with safari, so I right-clicked and downloaded it directly. That's a nice clean looking scan, and tells me a lot about who my "neighbors" were. :)


Boyd -thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you were able to get the thing to use it. Gui, thanks much for your nice words and your efforts to make the map more accessible. I just can't figure this out. Opera loads it almost instantly over broadband, someone out at FB said he was reading the map on his iPhone. Yet, some browsers won't load it at all and some, like Safari on my Mac, load the thing but are balky. The retina display on my iPad working with Safari refuses to display any of the big maps well. Perhaps some settings changes are in order. So, enjoy it any way you can:)

Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
Just downloaded this. Sitting on a very fat pipe to the internet (here at Princeton) I was getting about 600K/s. That's a lot slower than what I might expect to be able to download this file at. It took me a little over a minute to download it. My best advice is: be patient.

The resulting file is 38MB - which is really big for a JPEG image file.

Opened up, it's 19420 x 20740 pixels wide. You're going to need a pretty powerful computer to handle opening it. It's going to take a ton of RAM. And you're going to need a powerful CPU to deal with scrolling.

Incidentally, I tried exporting it to a PNG and got a 500MB file. I tried exporting it to a JPEG2000 file and got a 151MB file. Converted it to a PDF - 828MB. Short of putting this in some sort of proprietary format (Mr. SID or the like) this is probably the best that you're going to get.

If someone wants to try to download it from what should be a pretty fast source, try here. I'm not going to leave it up for very long, so give it a shot soon.