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  • Ben, I was curious to know what the forums take on a little self promotion would be. I make hand carved natural wood hiking sticks and staffs and sell them out of the Whitesbog General store. What would be an appropriate way to make that known as for a bit of advertising on the forums here? Is this something that I can post on the forums, and if so, where and how? Thanks!
    Jason Bladzinski
    Jason Bladzinski
    Forgot to add, I can take custom orders, is that something I can make known here, and leave contact info for?
    Hi Ben.
    I hope you are feeling well and that all is cool with your family.
    I have been more or less away in a fashion for quite a spell. I am picking up on the site changes but I do have what may seem a foolish question.
    What exactly is a trophy point?

    Any way, I hope to see you at L.I.P. this year. I miss a lot of the site folks that I know always turn up there.

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