Apple Pie Hill Bottles


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Sep 17, 2002
Some of you may remember me posting a photo of the last original building standing at Apple Pie Hill that I took in the 70's. It was either a pump house or the bottling building for Dr. White. While It no longer is standing, and very few remnants of it are still there, it still holds some interesting things to see in the remaining ruins. There is a pipe leading underground from this building up the hill to the well or storage well at the very top of the hill. You can see the remains of the pipe that vehicles have unearthed and damaged as they rode up and down the hill before the wooden barriers were installed.

There also is another pipe hidden underground down another portion of the hill to the well used by the building on the slope. If the ruins I first mentioned was a pump house, it pumped the water up to the well at the top which also supplied water to the well at the building on the slope. If the ruin was a bottling plant, the well at the top supplied both the bottling plant and the well for the building with water through the two pipes underground.

Anyway, getting back to the ruins ..... if you look them over closely you can find old bottles of some kind that were used as filler during construction. They are very odd bottles that one normally does not find or for that matter even sees. Some are light colored and some darker much like soda or beer bottles of present.

The various bottles.

The one that interested me. If you look closely you can see that the raised letters on the bottle are visible in the concrete behind the glass.

So expecting to find the company name I came home and inverted the photo. And the secret of the bottle was reveled. :bang: