Atsion: Eggs over easy

M1 Abrams

May 4, 2023
Burlington County
Circumstances allowed me to make a rare summer visit to Atsion on Wednesday. Walking along the trail by the lake, I came across some scattered egg shells.

Atsion_egg fragments_20230621.png

The hole was about five inches in diameter and three inches deep. Apparently something had gotten to the nest. (According to one Michigan website, over 90% of snapping turtle nests there are destroyed by predators before hatching. Perhaps the figures are different for smaller local turtles.)

Judging by the next picture, though, even egg-on-egg violence can't be ruled out...

Atsion_cannibal egg_20230621.png

(Yes, that was a cheap joke, but this was the original position of these two egg shells.) Quickly moving forward, here are a few other pictures:

Atsion_plants along edge of water_20230621.png

Plants floating along the edge of the water.

Atsion_dew on spider tunnel_2023_06_21.png

"Come into my parlor...don't mind the damp."

Atsion_secluded spung_20230621.png

Joel Embiid could have provided a better view of this secluded spung than yours truly could manage.

Atsion_blue flag iris_20230621.jpg

This is my first blue flag iris. (Told you I don't get out much come summer.)

Atsion_unknown plant_2023_06_21.png

I'm curious about these brown buds/nodules/whatever they are.

Atsion_looking N across lake by 206_20230621.jpg

Looking north across lake by 206.