Barred Owl


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Sep 17, 2002

This morning I went looking for property corners along Wharton's property and a semi large private tract. I had to be careful to not cross onto the private property as I had been warned they may be out and about at times looking for trespassers. They had issues with stealth camping in the past. Anyway, after finding one property corner I headed to an island where both properties meet on it.

A fence right down the line



So I stayed along the fence edge as it headed into a swamp and eventually decided to wait for the winter and move on to some place else. An electric fence surrounds this swamp which was logged years ago and protected from deer so the cedars would grow back. If you look closely you can see the electric fence pole on the ground.


At this point I headed back following the same route in. As I was crossing a swampy area an owl screeched in the tree behind me. Turning around quickly I saw another one flying in and landing high up in a tree nearby. If the owl had kept quiet I would have exited the woods and never known it was there.

Here is one of them high in a tree.

It turns out it appears to be a Barred owl and my camera struggled to focus that far away. Plus, trying to keep it steady was also a challenge. In the 15 minutes I stayed there I did get a few fairly decent shots.

This one a few times seemed to be sleeping and relaxed. The other one was very intent on watching me.



I have a video I will post soon. Nothing special but you can hear a squeaking sound every so often which makes me believe there was a nest nearby. Not really sure.