Batona trail parking @ Rt. 563

Jersey Jeff

Jun 22, 2012
Molly the Dog and I are looking forward to our first foray into the pines in several months and my first backpacking trip (gulp) since 1997 (my pooch's second trip). I'd like to park on Rt. 563, walk the Batona Trail through FPP to Batona Camp and walk back to my car the next day.

Is there any parking along 563 in the area of the Batona Trail? I was probably going to drop off some firewood at my campsite via car and then drive to 563 to start my hike.

If you're at Batona Camp this Saturday, stop by for a refreshing beverage that will remain unnamed ;-)


Jan 2, 2003
Evans Bridge is way south of the Batona Camp and walking that section will not take you through FPP.
The Batona Trail does cross 563 just north of Chatsworth and there is room to park on the grass on both sides of the road. 39 49.650 74 32.285
If you want to walk the whole trail through FPP then start out on RT 72. There is ample parking there. 39 51.867 74 31.655
The distance from 563 to Batona Camp is 8.3 miles.
The added section from Rt 72 to 563 is 3.5 miles.
These distances are from my GPS track.