Bigfoots in the pines?


Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
Sounds kinda squatchy to me

If it acts like a deer, looks like a deer, it's a deer. ;)

This one has a bad tick infestation.



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Sep 17, 2002
Here is a new Sasquatch video uploaded this week. If you don't want to watch the complete 7 minute video skip to the 6:20 point where he finds a dead green snake in the road. Take note of his reasoning on why the snake may be flat.



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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Last night I watched the 2014 "South Jersey Sasquatch" episode of "Finding Bigfoot" on Discovery Plus, you may also be able to watch it somewhere else, not sure. There are a few old threads in the Slag Heap about them filming this show, they can be found with a search.

It's hilarious, I never watched that series before (and don't plan to again). They wander around in the dark howling and every strange sound is "definitely a Sasquatch". Then they interview some locals and immediately conclude that their stories "prove" there are lots of Sasquatches in the pines. They also think all the Jersey Devil sightings over the years were actually Sasquatches.

One of the guys gets "special permission" to camp in the Parker Preserve (which they call a "wildlife refuge") and proclaims it's a vast wilderness full of them, even though he never sees or hears one. Apparently they eat turtles, frogs and cranberries so it's the "perfect environment". One of those slag heap threads says that Wharton wouldn't give them a film permit, so I guess that's why they went to Parker? Another scene looks like it might be near Spring Hill.

There's a woman who says she's a "science teacher", says she saw a creature "as wide as the whole road" and 6 feet tall on all fours, although she doesn't call it a bigfoot. But the "investigators" quickly decide it couldn't be anything else and congratulate her on her first sighting. They also film a staged event at the Tabernacle(?) Town Hall (this is discussed in a slag heap thread too). Anyway, it's good for some mindless laughs if you want to waste 42 minutes. :D
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Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
With all the interesting things the Barrens have to offer and all some people can think of is chasing ghosts and Boogie Men. Anything that big that would have to eat an enormous amount to maintain themselves can't hide in a holler tree forever.I would have to forage almost contiuously.We would see it and eventually capture or kill one.Where are the a,me camera footage? Wew get somw darn good wildlife footage on these cameras and their infrared capable. Where is the footage?


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Sep 17, 2002
I see there is a bear sighting tonight near Bozarthtown Road and Goose Pond Road in Tabernacle. It brings back the weekend to Jessica and I. We were walking a road below Apple Pie Hill near Pine Crest and all of a sudden we scared something in the water about 50 feet away on the other side of dense vegetation. It ran through the water like a moose running and it was much louder than a deer would be. It really caused us to pause. And now tonight a bear sighting not really that far away.
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Jon Holcombe

Dec 1, 2015
I see there is a bear sighting tonight near Bozarthtown Road and Goose Pond Road in Tabernacle.
Really not happy to hear that. I was planning on hiking into the Tulp tomorrow morning around 4:30 am. I hope Friendship or Franklin Parker bogs will keep him busy.