Bitten by a dog (DOG BITE PHOTO)

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Sue Gremlin

Sep 13, 2005
Vicksburg, Michigan
At the very least, it may be a good idea to speak up at a public town meeting about this dog. If it is true that he has bitten other people, I find it outrageous that nothing is being done about it.


Feb 19, 2004
White Haven, PA
I'm not going to get into specifics here because there is no anonymity, but I will say I know someone who owns a dog that has attacked 14 times, two of those times being me. Despite a report being filed and animal control coming out, nothing was ever done. The dog was and is still not licensed, he is not fixed, and he attacks out of the blue. He is vicious and he's part of the reason I moved. The owner still will not part with him.
He is a German shepherd. Police will not take him because he is too old, and the idea of making him a junkyard dog was thrown out the window because those dogs are often poorly treated.

My point? Please, please report vicious dogs and let their owners realize how much of a danger and menace they are. You have no way of knowing if this is a dog's first attack or a repeat, so just assume it will happen again.
No dog should bite once, let alone fourteen times. It's just ridiculous. If anyone wants specifics I'll provide them, but not on here.


Jun 17, 2007
Long Valley, NJ
LIP, you have a clear cause of action against the owner if you were not on his or her property. Speak to a personal injury attourney. You're due medical expenses at least. I'm not a litigious person, but there are times when tort is the right tool, and this sounds like one of them.


Jan 16, 2008
Port Charlotte, Fl.
Actually, they can be really lovely. They are not all vicious like that, my brother has one and you could do major abdominal surgery on him and he'd just lay there and lick your face. He would not hurt a fly, and, having worked with animals for my career and beyond, I can tell you that it is not the dog inherently, it is the people who raise them. There is some ridiculous macho stigma attached to having a mean dog. The people who owned this dog are incredibly irresponsible. There are too many good dogs dying every year in shelters to keep vicious dogs alive.

Sue, you hit it on the head with everything you said. Macho BS gets alot of people hurt and alot of dogs put down that would be fine pets if the owners weren't such idiots.

Well said Sue.
Reminds me, I hope the days are dragging for Mike Vick.


Sep 7, 2005
Whatta Coincidence....

Coming home today the wife told me on the cell a dog (not acting right)had adopted our property to linger on. It was on a leash. Mostly Chocolate Lab BUT... noticable Pitt Bull in it. Deadly mix! It favored a hind leg and had a leash on.
my wife wanted to offer it water or feed and I said NO WAY!!!
I have a bitch Lab that will tear butt off any dog but I did not want a rabies situation. So with my wife & kids going to a ball game I went to eyball the dog, dressed in heavy coat, gloves and having a heavy wooden dowel I keep handy. Waterford police came out once and then left???
Folks kept stopping by the road and a few fools got out to coax it only to quickly be put back in their car. I approached it and was met with serious aggression. I stood ground. A neighbor called police and the same fellow came out. He offered up that he could not put the dog down but I could since it was on my property. what, that's it!!!!!!!!!!
Animal control still not there. This dog very aggressively approached me and the officer kept his distance. I kept it at bay. Since the officee declined a solution I walked back to the house, loaded my 9mm Glock and went back. This was the last damned thing I wanted to do. Camden County animal control finally made it after getting lost and the fellow was very handy in coaxing the dog into his van. It was a bit of a trick with the officer & I bird-dogging the operation but when it was done I was pleased that maybe the dog would get help.
It was sad but an example of why I teach my kids to approach NO strange animal! This thing would have tore butt at my kids & I would put it down with no ceremony.
I am not sure what L.I.P.'s circumstances were but I will concur that anything can happen. Be mindful folks, the best of animals can still be unpredictable.
What a coincidence during this thread.



Nov 8, 2004
Near Mt. Misery
bit my box and my wrist,
I thought you were talking about your package?

Yeah, I thought that also at first. I was worried the picture wasn't going to be of his wrist.

attack dogs, or dogs bred for such purposes, like pit bulls will often go for the genitals. I know of some one who was viciously attacked by his own pit bulls and that is exactly were they got him, and the arms. No permanent injuries lucky for him.

Glad you wern't hurt more seriously LIP. Good luck with the legalites.

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