Blue moon halo over Shamong

M1 Abrams

May 4, 2023
Burlington County
(Note: This could have been titled "Blue supermoon halo over Shamong," but despite the astrological term "supermoon" becoming popular in recent years, I resist using it. First, I don't put any stock in astrology, don't care for such terms leaking into astronomy, and therefore prefer the use of "perigee" or, more technically, "perigee syzygy." Second, everybody knows that I and my fellow Capricorns are notorious pedants and sticks-in-the-mud. :) Anyway, it was a blue moon, the second full moon of the month.)

While on my rounds at the Shamong farm last night, I glanced up at the moon. To my surprise, I saw a twenty-two degree halo, a lunar halo, or the technical term in my parlance from childhood, a ring around the moon.

Although I've seen them plenty of times, I was surprised to come across one in summer rather than winter, and when there is no precipitation in the forecast for the next few days. To see that last night during the second full moon of the month is something you would only see one in a...well, rather infrequently.

The halos seemed to appear fainter once the pictures were transferred from my phone and re-sized, so please accept my apologies if some of them are difficult to see. The final picture will require the greatest apology.

Blue full moon halo 2.png

Blue full moon halo 3.png

Blue full moon halo 4.png

As for this final image, with the halo in the background, I was hoping to produce a saintly effect, at worst something vaguely beatific. To be honest, though, this looks as if it could be captioned: "My plan for getting rid of the body went far better than I could have possibly hoped!" :eek: :D :eek:

Blue full moon halo 6 selfie.png


Feb 8, 2022
Cool photos! I would also associate seeing the halo with winter. I think it usually happens due to ice crystals rather than water droplets.

I got a shot of it as well:


This was not taken in the pines, though. I was up in coastal Maine last week. It was exceptionally clear out that night.
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